DynaTrap – Have A Bug-Less Summer!

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

They say things are bigger in Texas, well there is one thing in Texas that is undoubtedly bigger and that’s the bugs. Bugs in Texas seem larger and more annoying than bugs everywhere else. The bugs here don’t travel alone either, they move their entire family into your space and make you wish they would go anywhere else. I’ve tried a number of different pest control products, but most of them make this loud zapping noise every time they get something that scares me more than it scares the bugs.

DynaTrap is different than other pest control products because it attracts the bugs, kills them, and traps them all without disturbing your peace and quiet. With multiple products for both indoors and out, there is sure to be a DynaTrap product that matches all of your pest control needs.

I (Jeni) was sent a DynaTrap XL to test and review. The DynaTrap XL is meant to control bugs over an area of approximately one acre. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the DynaTrap XL, I figured it would be like every other pest control product and just kill what comes near it, but DynaTrap is different.

The DynaTrap XL actually entices the bugs to go near it. They want to go towards the DynaTrap XL instead of near where I’m sitting. This is accomplished in two ways: using a blue UV light that bugs want to swarm to and using CO2 which mimics released from organic matter which tricks bugs into thinking they are going after humans. I’ve used light only pest control products in the past, and while they do a great job of killing what comes by them, it seems like many bugs have “gotten too smart for their own good” and go right past blue lights without giving it a second thought.

What happens when the DynaTrap XL actually catches a bug is actually the coolest part about this pest control unit. There is a fan inside the unit which is silent that causes the insects to drop inside of a retaining cage. When I first read about the claims that it was silent, I thought yeah right, I’ve never seen a silent pest control product or a silent fan, but the DynaTrap XL is truly whisper quiet and you don’t hear it when it captures bugs, so you have no idea how many you’ve actually captured until you go to empty the retaining cage.

Emptying the retaining cage may seem like a pain in the neck for a pest control product, but the DynaTrap XL was super easy to empty. All I had to do was twist the bottom off, and the little container that held all the bugs could then be dumped either into the grass or a trashcan. You only have to empty the DynaTrap XL when it gets full, which for most people is around 2 weeks, though if you have a lot of bugs in your yard, you may need to empty it every week. I found that 2 weeks was the perfect length of time to capture a whole score of bugs.

What kind of bugs did I catch with the DynaTrap XL? Mostly mosquitoes. I’m sure there were other bugs mixed in there, but I definitely did not try to identify what all it caught. There were those annoying flying bugs that love to land on and in your drinks when you are outdoors in the DynaTrap XL as well. DynaTrap XL is primarily used to catch mosquitoes, biting flies, moths, wasps, and similar annoying pests, but it does not mess with the important bugs like the butterflies which are so lovely and the bees that pollinate the food we eat.

Did DynaTrap XL actually decrease the number of bugs in my yard? Most definitely! Normally if I sit outside to work or eat there are bugs flying all around, trying to be all up in my business, and since I started using the DynaTrap XL I no longer have that problem. The key to success with the DynaTrap XL is where you hang it, make sure it’s as far away from your sitting area as possible (they recommend 20-40 feet) and at least 4-5 feet off the ground (they recommend 3-6 feet). With the right positioning the bugs are now flocking to the DynaTrap XL and leaving me alone, which is always a great thing!

Check out DynaTrap and all of their amazing products on their website!


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