3 Great Ways to Save on Summer Fun

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Summer is just around the corner!  With so many fun activities, family vacations and great outdoor adventures, it’s easy to let your summer budget burn a hole through your pocket.  Here are 4 great ways to save on summer fun for the entire family, so you can enjoy more!

  1. Theme Parks – When you buy tickets at the theme park entrance, you’re paying full price – which can be astronomical!  Plan ahead and watch for savings at your local grocery stores or discount bulk stores like Costco or Sam’s Club.  There, you’ll score an average of 25% off the ticket prices. You’ll also want to feed the family before entering the gates, so those hungry bellies aren’t leading you to the pricey vendors.  Another theme park tip that may seem obvious but is often overlooked is buying season passes.  If you plan to visit the park more than 2 times during the summer months, purchasing season passes will usually be much cheaper, and pay for themselves in just a few visits.
  2. Skating, Movies & Bowling – Beat the head and stay indoors, but still stay active and keep the kiddos entertained with skating, movies and bowling activities.  To save money, grab those great offers that come out in late May and last through the summer.  Kids hit the roller rink with free skating HERE, and bowl for FREE when you register at www.kidsbowlfree.com,  and go HERE to see $1 summer movies that are kid friendly. Summer fun for the kids can be free or cheap when you get creative!
  3. Shopping – No need to travel out in that hot and sweaty weather outside – stay in and get some shopping done from home with www.coupondash.com!  Did you know that summer is the hardest time to find deals? Coupon Dash to the rescue! They offer great coupon codes for your online shopping, so that those deals aren’t so hard to spot.  You’ll even find deals on travelsports, fitness & outdoors, automotive savings, movies, books, music and games , athletic gear + MUCH more!  From entertainment to fashion, and pet supplies to baby needs – they have a coupon code for that! In fact, back to school shopping is never easier or more fun when you save BIG!  Check out the great deals at Osh Kosh for clothes, Toys R Us for a new backpack, and Staples for the kids’ school supplies!  Before you do your summer shopping, or get a jump on back to school shopping, check out Coupon Dash to get the most out of your money and save big!

How do you save during the summer?


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