2015 TBL Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide: Polaroid Z2300 Instant Print Digital Camera #holidaygiftguide

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

Polaroid Instant Print Digital Camera

It’s a fast-paced, instant gratification, digitally motivated world out there.  Remember when Polaroid revolutionized the camera with their instant printing pictures way back in the 50’s?  They were already ahead of the game, even then – and they continue to grow with society and technology every decade.  The new Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera is proof of this.  This is so much more than a digital camera!  It takes pictures with it’s 10MP camera, captures video in 720p HD, and even prints 2×3″ color photos that you just snapped, right from the camera!  It’s the classic Polaroid that we’ve all trusted over half a century, maintaining their place in high quality cameras even to this day.

I, Jeni, was sent a Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera to review.

Polaroid Instant Print Camera

I expected the camera to be really big and bulky – I guess I had the classic 1980’s Polaroid in my mind.  Knowing that there’s a printer inside, I really thought it would be larger than it was.  It isn’t as slim as a lot of cameras on the market now, but those cameras don’t have a printer built-in!  This camera really is a 3-in-1 camera:  photos, videos and printer in one device.

I’ve never had a 10MP camera, so I really didn’t know what to expect.  I was blown away at the clarity!  It features 6x digital zoom, 720p HD video AND prints little photos for you right from the camera.  You can even crop photos apply fun filters and add borders right from the phone.  Now that’s cool! I don’t have to upload anything to my laptop to edit or enhance the photos.  Even better, after you take a photo, you’ll be given even more options for altering it, in preview mode. It’s super easy to navigate the menus, and the instructions were clear, concise and quick to get used to.  I also love that I can take photos and short videos, and store them on my memory card that I insert into the camera, OR load them to my laptop.

Polaroid Instant Print CameraPrinting your images is really easy, and I could even print existing pictures I already had on my memory card.  They print quickly, clearly and don’t smudge.  The paper that’s used for these is pretty neat too, because if you want, you can peel off the backing and the photos become stickers.  The prints are smudge-proof, water-proof and tear-proof, which is something I was definitely looking for while reviewing this camera. This is an awesome gift for the scrapbooker or traveller, because it costs about 50¢ per print, and you’ll get a great little wallet-size photo of your memories.

Polaroid Instant Print Camera

Relive your childhood and get nostalgic with the quality you can expect from Polaroid, and the advanced technology that they have always offered.  I’m loving my new Polaroid, and know that I’ll be experimenting with all of the awesome features for weeks to come.  Stop by Amazon to grab a new Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera, and make someone’s holiday extra special this year!


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