Holiday Gift Guide: Nixall Vet Response Animal Wellness Pack #holidaygiftguide

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

Nixall Animal Wellness Pack

Nixall is the one stop shop for family and animal wellness. They focus on making the world a happier, healthier place with their line of eco friendly natural cleaners. Each product is Anolyte water based, meaning it works with the body to clean naturally, and does not leave a harsh impact on the environment. Their impressive products are quickly becoming favorites of doctors, veterinarians, outdoor enthusiasts and parents everywhere.

I, Sarina, was given Nixall’s Animal Health Pack to review. It includes a 2 oz and quart sized spray of Vet Response Wound + Skin Solution as well as a quart sized Vet Response Skin + Coat Grooming Solution. This was a great set for me and my two dogs, who can sometimes get into mischief. Luna, 3, is a Collie/Husky mix with long hair and loves to lay in the garden, and she hates getting wet. Bjorn, 8 months, is a German Shepard/Husky mix with short hair that loves to try to jump our garden fences and dig in the dirt.
 Nixall Pet Health Wellness Pack
Most pet owners love their pets like family, and my house is no exception. Like the rest of the family, my dogs have their own beds, their own toys, and they eat as well as my kids do! They think they run the place; and let’s be honest, to a certain extent, they do! My dogs LOVE playing and rolling in the damp soil in my garden. They also like to bring that dirt into my house. (And I like my house to be CLEAN, so this was a problem!!) More troublesome than the dirt was the scrapes Bjorn would get on his belly trying to jump the metal fence. Spunky and determined, he kept finding ways in despite our best efforts to patch the fence. I was getting nervous that the cuts he was getting from the fencing could get infected; my husband and I contemplated how to keep them out of my garden, but caring for the scrapes didn’t require a second thought after I received the Vet Response Wound + Skin Care. The convenient spray bottle made it easy to clean the cuts out quickly, and didn’t cause Bjorn any discomfort. I was amazed that after only one day of use, the scrapes looked almost entirely healed. He didn’t seem bothered by them at all! The Vet Response Wound + Skin Care is safe to use by eyes and mouths, so I was glad I didn’t have to worry about him getting sick if he tried to lick the scrapes.
This product is for more than minor cuts; you can use this spray for ear and eye irritations and sores. I am also really glad that it is great for healing sun blisters, hot spots and skin irritations; we like to take our dogs out hiking with us, and the Arizona sun can make the rocks quite hot. We’ll continue to be as careful with their precious paws as we can, but from now on we’ll be carrying the convenient travel sized spray bottle in case we need it!
 Nixall Pet Wellness Pack
My lovely Luna is another story. She’s not quite as adventurous as Bjorn; actually, she’s quite timid in most situations (unless you get between her and her mommy, then she’s pretty scary-haha!). She gets pampered oatmeal baths for her sensitive skin and needs to be brushed constantly. Well, it would be pampering if she liked to get wet! Luna becomes a ball of nerves as soon as she sees the water running. She knows what’s coming! I was really hoping that introducing the Vet Response Skin + Grooming spray to her grooming regimen would help reduce her anxiety. I started by spraying away from her face and onto her back while petting her head, and she seemed fine. She wasn’t as enthusiastic about the spray falling on her ears, but she didn’t freak out like she often does when getting groomed. I was able to brush her down without much of a fight. Her coat looked absolutely beautiful after using the Vet Response Skin + Grooming spray! I also noticed that she didn’t smell like wet dog, which was so nice. I intend to keep using the grooming spray on her to keep her coat shiny and silky, knowing it won’t irritate her skin.
Nixall was also generous to send me samples of their other products, the First Aid Solution and the All-Natural Truly Green Cleanser. The travel sized First Aid Spray will be great to have around on the football field and could come in handy while out hiking. It’s safe to use on minor wounds and irritations caused by cuts, bug bites and stings, sunburn, poison ivy and blisters.The Earth-friendly cleanser is safe and non toxic, and is not made with VOCs. It’s gentle enough to use directly on hands, yet is effective enough to replace the chemical-laden cleaners used in most bathrooms and kitchens. We are heavy travelers, I look forward to having the cleanser handy during our next trip to the airport.
 Nixall Pet Wellness Pack
Keeping your home clean and contaminant free doesn’t have to include thousands of chemicals in the medicine cabinet and under the sink anymore. Nixall’s does the job without the toxins. Stock up on these useful products, or give them as gifts, and see for yourself why doctors, parents and pet owners are going green and falling in love with Nixall’s Family and Animal Wellness products.


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