2015 TBL Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide: Jewelry In Candles – Surprises Inside Every Candle! #holidaygiftguide

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.Jewelry in Candles

Candles can create a comfortable, warm and friendly atmosphere with their glowing flames and sweet scents.  You can set the mood for a celebration or party, create a little romance, or just brighten up your home with fragrances – all by using candles!  But what if a candle could offer much more than just a beautiful aroma, and great ambiance?  Jewelry in Candles offers an amazing surprise – jewelry in each candle!  You’ll find earrings, necklaces or rings inside each of these awesome, quality, soy candles.  There are even select scents that offer men’s jewelry inside! The candles also come in some great scents that are unique, warm and inviting – perfect for the holidays!

I, Jeni, was sent a Jewelry in Candles Hazelnut Coffee Candle to review.Jewelry in Candles

Jewelry in Candles offers a huge array of scented soy candles that burn clean and last a really long time!  Their wicks are made of cotton, and built to last. From Fruity scents like Apple Harvest and Honeydew Melon, to Relaxing scents like Island Hibiscus and Lavender, they have something for everyone!  I especially enjoy their Dessert scents – Cotton Candy, Pecan Pie, Chocolate Fudge and more.  Mmmmmm!  Holiday scents bring some really unique fragrances, that will definitely get you in a festive mood.  If you prefer to have unscented candles, they have those, too!  Each candle is in a 21 oz jar that looks great in any setting!  They even sell wax tarts in the same scents, for those that enjoy the flameless option.
Jewelry in Candles
So where is the jewelry?  Inside!  Sealed in a plastic bag, then wrapped in foil, every jewelry candle and scented product offers a hidden surprise that you won’t know is there until the candle burns down a little bit.  You’re even able to pick which jewelry item you want (earrings, ring or necklace), but you won’t know what it looks like until you start burning your candle.  Each of these great quality jewelry pieces range in price from $10 – several thousands of dollars!  From silver or gold plated and stones made from cubic zirconia or other materials, I doubt you’ll be disappointed.  For the more valuable jewelry, you may randomly get items made from titanium, solid sterling silver, and solid yellow or white gold.  Gems may include real diamonds, rubies or other precious jewels – you just never know what you’ll get! Isn’t that fun?

Jewelry in CandlesI love coffee!  So the second I took the lid off of my new candle, I was in heaven. It has a warm, buttery aroma with a nice brewing coffee smell.  It’s the perfect blend of the two, and reminded me of putting hazelnut creamer in my coffee.  Within 5 minutes, my entire living room was filled with the aroma!  After a few hours of burning, I noticed a little gold foil peeking out from the side of the candle, under the wax.  I started getting really excited, knowing that my jewelry would be inside.  I patiently waited for it to burn down enough to reveal the entire foiled package, then removed it to discover my new accessory – a necklace!!  It’s absolutely adorable and really pretty unique, too. The candle is still burning, after lighting it every other day for quite a few hours – pretty impressive! These candles are supposed to last between 100-150 hours, and I definitely believe that.  I love that the scent doesn’t fade from the candle as it burns down.  That’s always disappointing, but Jewelry in Candles considered that when they created their candles.

Jewelry in Candles

For $24.95, you’ll get a 21 oz jar candle in your choice of scents, with a unique jewelry item inside!  If you decide you want a ring, you’ll have the opportunity to pick the size, or you can chose earrings, a necklace, or even be totally surprised with a “random” option.  With each jewelry item valued at a minimum of $10, that’s an awesome deal!  You can even get reward points on purchases to use toward reward jewelry, and on November 1st, Jewelry in Candles launched a new line of body butter with jewelry inside, as well!

Make your home festive and fun with Jewelry in Candles – or grab a few for gifts and gift baskets this year! Head over to Jewelry in Candles to shop around.  I know you’ll find a scent that you’ll love just as much as I love mine!



  1. I love candles! Finding candles that smell great without them costing you an arm and a leg is a bit harder…. Thank you for the post:)

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