Holiday Gift Guide: Graze Healthy Snack Subscription Box + 1st Box FREE! #holidaygiftguide

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

Graze Healthy Snack Subscription Box

The snack box to top all snack boxes is here! Graze has sought, and found, the most delicious snacks in the realm of healthy food. Each box delivers 8 different snacks with delicately balanced tastes perfectly sized portions. The monthly box can be delivered to your home or workplace and with over 100 different snack choices, the possibilities are endless.

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Anyone who knows me, knows that I, Sarina, was overjoyed to receive a Graze box to review. I have tried many different types of food and snacks in the name of eating healthy, and most of it was less than appealing. Before finding Graze, it seemed that tasty healthy choices were limited. They’ve done an excellent job at proving that wrong! My 8 unique snacks were: butterscotch popcorn flapjack, snickerdoodle dip and cinnamon pretzel sticks, hearty bread basket, Eleanor’s apple crumble, smart blondie, cherries and berries, chili lime cashews and pro power nut blend. I really enjoyed them all, but my favorite was the butterscotch popcorn flapjack; it was a really awesome blend of rolled oats and butterscotch popcorn pieces, not too sweet and it had a nice texture. It was great to try snacks that aren’t found in my local health food store, with ingredients I can pronounce. And there was a great balance of savory and sweet snacks, perfect for any craving.
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The true elephant in the room surrounding health food: the price. It’s no secret that healthy food can be costly! There’s finally a remedy to deciding between eating healthy snacks that you love and having to remortgage your home. Graze boxes are only $11.99 per month; when you break it down, that makes each snack $1.50 each, which is extremely reasonable. You can barely get something from a vending machine for that price, and you can totally forget about it being good for you (and it’s not delivered to your door, either!)
The folks at Graze are really making a difference in the food world. Their focus on working solely with small suppliers, who share the same love of using only the best ingredients in their products, is truly setting them apart. The versatility of picking and choosing what you like (and never receiving products or ingredients that you don’t like!) gives the subscriber the power to snack on what they love, and never be bored with their monthly box of deliciousness.

Graze Healthy Snack Subscription BoxHow does the sound of a FREE box of nutritious snacks sound!?  Right now, new Graze.com customers will get to enjoy their first box of healthy snacks for totally FREE – plus only $1 shipping!  You’ll get to pick out 4 snacks from a list of over 100 choices for your first FREE box. You’ll need to put in your credit card information, however you will not be charged for this freebie.  Note that if you decide not to continue on with the program (as low as $6.99 + free shipping every 2 weeks for new boxes), you can easily cancel anytime by logging into your account to cancel the deliveries.  Head over HERE to pick out your freebies!

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