2015 TBL Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide: Car Valet Keeps Your Car Organized #holidaygiftguide

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

Car Valet

Do you ever feel like you never have enough storage space in your car? If so, then you’ll love the Car Valet. The Car Valet slides between the seat of your car and the center console in your car. You can use one Car Valet to hold everything, or put one on each side of the center console for even more storage space. The Car Valet doesn’t get in the way of your seat, whether you are the passenger or the driver, is ready to use straight out of the package, and can be installed and removed in seconds. The Car Valet gives you three deep compartments, two of which are designed to hold drink cups and the other can hold anything else you want to have easy access to.

I (Jeni), was sent the Car Valet to use in my car.

The Car Valet took me only seconds to install in my car. No tools were required, and I was easily able to position the Car Valet where I wanted it whether it was towards the front of the seat or the back of the seat. As long as you put the Car Valet between the seat and the center console in your car, it stays put. I sat down in the seat next to the the Car Valet and was impressed by the fact that it did not make my seat any smaller or make me feel like I was crowded with it installed in my vehicle. The three compartments on the Car Valet gave me plenty of room for my cell phone, coffee, ink pens, sunglasses, and a drink with plenty of room left over.

Car Valet

The next time I drove my car, I had a 16 ounce water bottle with me, and it stayed in securely in place even though the bottle is relatively heavy. All of the fast food drink cups and coffee to go drink cups that I tried fit in the cup holders in the Car Valet, and I think the only thing that wouldn’t fit is the super huge sizes that some places offer. I love the fact that my drinks don’t splash around, especially when they don’t have lids on them. The Car Valet holds firmly in place and has not slipped or moved from the place that I installed it. If I’m driving by myself, I only use one of the cup holder compartments and the rest of the compartments I fill with everything that I need. The cup holders will even accommodate small round snack containers, sippy cups, and baby bottles without any problem.
The best thing about the Car Valet is that you are not permanently altering your car. Since it just slides into place, you can easily remove it if you want to put in a different vehicle, or if you just want additional space between you and the other person in the front seats of the car. I found that the Car Valet did not get in the way while driving or while riding as a passenger. After awhile, I forgot it was there until I would reach for something, like my sunglasses, and the items that I needed were always close at hand. The Car Valet will also work in cars without a center console if the seats are on the deeper side. I love having everything close at hand while I’m driving, and being able to have my cell phone in a place where it won’t fall onto the floor of the car is awesome.
 Car Valet
The Car Valet gives you more storage space in the front seat of your car, and it allows you to secure drink cups so that they do not spill all over your vehicle. The Car Valet retails for $14.95 plus $7.95 for postage on the Car Valet website  or at Walmart or Bed Bath & Beyond. If you are interested in owning a Car Valet of your very own, I recommend that you visit their website soon. Right now they are offering a buy one get one free deal on the Car Valet, so you receive two Car Valet’s for the price of one. I don’t know how long the buy one get one free deal will lost, so be sure to pick up a Car Valet of your very own soon, and gift the other one!



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