2015 TBL Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide: Bellabeat Leaf Women’s Health Tracker for Mind & Body #holidaygiftguide

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

Bellabeat Leaf

An active and healthy lifestyle might keep you alive longer and feeling great, but sometimes, especially around the holidays, maintaining your goals can be really tough!  Chaos this time of year is, unfortunately a standard for most women.  Holiday shopping, baking and cooking, running errands and picking up the kids from their activities, managing work and your home….all of that takes it’s toll.  That’s where the Bellabeat Leaf comes in.  The Bellabeat Leaf isn’t just a fitness tracker.  It’s a health tracker for your mind and body.  Bellabeat Leaf gets to know YOU, and monitors your activity, sleep quality, stress levels, and even understands your menstrual cycle! Wouldn’t it be great to have a tool that tracks your complete wellness, 24/7?  Now you can!  And with it’s amazing design and versatile ways to wear your Bellabeat Leaf, you’ll be on the right track to a healthier lifestyle in no time!

I, Jeni, received a Bellabeat Leaf to review.

Bellabeat Leaf

This little gadget, built for women, is absolutely phenomenal.  It’s one of the most interesting and intriguing devices I’ve ever seen!  This is no exaggeration, either.  Bellabeat Leaf realizes that tracking every moment of your day is crucial to understanding YOU and your habits.  This way, it can encourage you to break some, and keep you going with the healthier things you do.  It’s SUPER smart, and really stylish, too.  Here are just a few things this beauty will do for you:

Bellabeat Leaf

* Breathing:  Bellabeat Leaf offers breathing exercises when you most need them.  It senses when you need to refocus or calm down, and, along with the Bellabeat Leaf app, will take you through getting your breathing under control.  It may seem strange that such a pretty device that looks like jewelry could actually help to calm you down – but it WORKS!

* Sleep Quality: If you have no idea why you’re hitting a rut mid-day, but feeling great in the mornings, Bellabeat Leaf will tell you what’s going on!  It might just be your sleeping patterns.  Bellabeat Leaf tracks your sleep patterns and lets you know the quality AND quantity of sleep you’re getting.  I know that this feature has already helped me get more quality in my sleep, and it’s all thanks to my new Bellabeat Leaf!

Bella Beat Leaf

* Smart Alarm:  One of my favorite features is the Smart Alarm.  As a Blogger, I sit A LOT during the day.  As much as I try to get up and move around every hour or so, sometimes time gets away from me.  With the Bellabeat Leaf, it will vibrate based on my goals and preferences, and let me be more active with a little vibrating push!  The alarm can also vibrate to remind you to take your medication, of important events or just wake you up in a calming way each morning.

* Menstrual Cycles:  It blows my mind that my Bellabeat Leaf can get to know my body SO well. As women, our menstrual cycles can seriously “cramp” our style, but with Bellabeat Leaf, it doesn’t have to anymore!  You can view your ovulation, premenstrual, and period days on the app, and this helps to figure out how your activities, sleep and more are affected during that time of the month.  You’ll be more aware, and be able to adjust your lifestyle accordingly!  How cool is that!?

Bella Beat Leaf

You can wear your Bellabeat Leaf in multiple ways – however it’s most comfortable for you, and depending on what kind of activities you are doing.  This stylish and beautiful accessory is made of 100% American wood, and comes in either dark brown wood with a rose gold clip, or a classic white with a silver clip. One of my favorite things about the Bellabeat Leaf is that each one is unique, just like the leaves on a tree.  They did this to emphasize the fact that every woman is unique.  That, in itself is extremely empowering!It was designed specifically to become an accent to your style, so you’ll be able to wear it as a bracelet or necklace, or you can clip your Bellabeat Leaf to you where it’s convenient.  I love this, because while I’m working, I like to wear it as a bracelet.  When I workout and sleep, I clip it to my shirt, and when I go out on the town or to run errands, it’s hanging from my neck.

Bella Beat Leaf

My new Bellabeat Leaf has become a part of me.  It tracks and logs my every move, to help me lead a healthier lifestyle.  From calming me down with breathing exercises, to getting me better sleep at night, reminding me to get up and move around and following my menstrual cycle to help me adjust my activities, the Bellabeat Leaf really is an amazing innovation for women.  More than a fitness tracker, Bellabeat Leaf gets to know your body and your lifestyle, and becomes your new (and very stylish) best friend and motivator.  Head over to Bellabeat Leaf to reserve yours!  Consider gifting this to a woman that inspires you, and allow her to feel empowered!





  1. ummmm can a man use this too…I wonder… I like this! it would make life easier whenever you are trying to lose wieght and trying to change lifestyles

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      Hi Wendy! Sure, a man could use the LEAF – it’s just tailored for women!

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