2015 TBL Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide: Bauli Authentic Italian Baked Bread, Pastries & Cakes #holidaygiftguide

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

Bauli Italian Treats

Whether you’ve got a sweet tooth (especially around the holidays!) or are planning some holiday get-togethers this year, Bauli Authentic Italian has something for you!  Baking is great, and really can be fun.  But what if you could get some unique, simple and absolutely delicious gourmet quality breads and baked specialties without all that work?  Bauli offers some divine options, including Panettone (an Italian holiday cake) and cream-filled croissants.  Need a baked bread or cake?  They have that, too!  Even better, you can feel great about what you’re eating, because Bauli’s ingredients are simple, straight-forward and on every package.  There are no preservatives, no chemicals – just pure ingredients that you would expect from quality baked goods.

Pauli Italian Baked Treats

I, Jeni, was sent several samples of Bauli products to review.  In my box, I found some Chocolate Flavor Mini-Croissants, Vanilla Custard Flavored Mini-Croissants, Mini Il Pandoro Di Verona and  Il Panettone Di Milano.

Bauli baked Italian Treats

The croissants were absolutely delicious.  They were surprisingly moist and fresh, even coming from a sealed package.  I expected them to be slightly dry, as they did just get pulled out of my own oven.  I was being realistic in my expectations – however – these were extremely spongey and buttery, airy and tasty, and they definitely didn’t taste like they came from a package!  I was honestly pretty shocked.  The Chocolate Croissants have a wonderful dark chocolate cream inside that doesn’t overpower the buttery flavor, but enhances it.  I love that the croissants don’t have too much filling inside, so I can enjoy them without feeling like they are too sweet or over-filled.  The Vanilla Custard Croissants were my favorite.  There was a very creamy, milky and sweet taste to it that I absolutely loved!  These mini-croissants are awesome, because they are big enough for a few bites, but allow you or your guests to snack on other items, as well, without getting too full.

Bauli Italian Baked Treats
These croissants are leavened for an entire 18 hours, and no preservatives are added to them.  They are made using a “mother dough” consisting purely of water and flour and natural yeast.  This lets them rise naturally, and bring out that amazing aroma of warm, buttery, fresh bread.  The website claims that these stay fresher than other cakes – and after having them for over a week now, I can attest to this!  They really are just as moist and haven’t lost any bounce or flavor!

Bauli Italian Baked Treats

The Mini Il Pandoro Di Verona are an amazing vanilla sponge cake.  They smell like fresh butter, and are really pretty and festive, because they come in a star-shaped loaf.  The first taste of these had us rolling our eyes with ecstasy.  They are SO soft and spongey, with a beautiful vanilla and butter taste that lingers on the tongue.  We didn’t need any additional butter or jam to eat it with, because they were so decadent on their own.  You could easily serve these with fruit and whipped cream on them, or use them for a festive cranberry shortcake.   These are a new twist on the traditional Veronese Christmas Cake, and I definitely think my guests will be eating these up when I serve them this season!

Bauli Baked Italian Treats

The Il Panettone Di Milano is a classic to Milan – in fact, it’s dated back 500 years!!  These amazing raisin loafs take a 2-day process to create, and are prepared in small batches to give them their own attention.  This is evident in the quality.  I am NOT a raisin fan by any stretch of the word.  But I ate an entire sample loaf of this bread!  It has a sweet, milky flavor, and is really light and airy, even though it’s a loaf that carries raisins.  That was pretty surprising, but extremely delicious!  This would pair really nicely with some holiday tea for breakfast!

Bauli Italian Baked Treats

All of Bauli’s products are preservative free, and yet they are all so moist, fresh and delicious.  I would proudly display these beautiful cakes and pastries on my holiday table this year, for my guests to grab up.  If you’re not up to baking this season, or want a little break from the norm, grab some Bauli’s Italian Baked Snacks!  These breads, parties and cakes are absolutely amazing and delicious.   Not only are they easy to present on a decorated table, they will have your guests walk around with smiles on their faces.  Check out all of Bauli’s delectable baked bread treats, and visit them on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook. YouTube, and Instagram.



  1. OMG those look delicious! I have to try these this upcoming holiday! I never tried them but now I have to… look sooo good!

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      They really are AMAZING. I still can’t believe how moist and flavorful they are!

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