2015 TBL Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide: Surprise Ride “Dragon” Themed Child’s Subscription Box #holidaygiftguide

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

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“Surprise Ride aims to foster creativity in kids and expand their horizons. With a little hands-on learning and a lot of fun, we help kids exercise that special power of creative genius that empowers them to be tomorrow’s innovators.”  Surprise Ride is just that, a surprise!  These amazing monthly boxes were founded by sisters who truly enjoyed their childhood with their father, and all the things they did with him. They are now making this happen for children all over!  Family togetherness, education, creativity and fun make up each of these unique boxes. Every Mom or Dad can respect their three basic principles:
1. Kids are brilliant.
2. Curiosity fuels success.
3. Everyone loves getting a surprise in the mail.
The describe themselves as “a monthly box of adventure.”  Getting kids ages 6 to 11, excited about creativity that they can share with their parents and siblings is what motivates this unique company.  Each box is filled with all of the supplies needed to complete projects that explore the month’s theme, a book, snack or other fun surprise and a Surprise Ride booklet that helps you explore the theme of the box.

Surprise Ride Monthly Subscription BoxSurprise Ride is a monthly subscription service for kids that delivers fun and learning in a box.  Surprise Ride was born from the desire to have a lasting impact on the lives of children, beyond the latest toy or video game. That’s exactly what we got with our Surprise Ride box.  We received the box while I (Noemarie) was unfortunately out of town, but I quickly got a phone call from my 3 year old saying that a pretty blue and orange surprise box came for us!  The kids couldn’t wait for me to get home to open the SURPRISE!

Surprise Ride Monthly Subscription BoxThis month we received the “Dragon” themed box.  It was full of fun little surprises including tools to build a Fire-Slaying Catapult, clay to build a Dragon photo holder, a fun dragon themed book called “A Poor Excuse for A Dragon”, Dragon’s Breath BBQ Chips, a Chinese Dragon Ring, and a Dragon’s Life Sticker Book.  My boys absolutely LOVED this box.  They couldn’t wait to get started.  First thing we did was put together the catapult.  Gabriel (10) did this.  Instructions were very easy to read and follow.  He was done in a matter of minutes.  The boys wore the Chinese Dragon Ring while they played the game and ate the Dragon’s Breath BBQ Chips.  The goal was to launch a ping pong ball (provided) into a small cup (also provided). It was so much fun! We could’ve played for hours.  Next thing we did was build clay dragon photo holders.  Of course the kids absolutely loved this.  Gabriel and Evan each created their own Dragon masterpiece.  Noah (3) just created a clay ball covered in stickers.  Haha! The book, “A Poor Excuse for a Dragon”, was great.  Gabriel read the book to his brothers which was such a sweet and rare moment among the brothers.

Surprise Ride Monthly Subscription BoxMy whole family loved the Surprise Ride Box and everything about it.  It brought us all together and encouraged the kids to open their minds and use their imagination.  It was a great break from t.v. and video games.  These boxes are very well thought out and although the age suggestion on the box was 6-11, my 3 year old enjoyed this just as much as the 8 and 10 year olds.  I’ll have to admit I enjoyed it too as a 29 year old!  You absolutely get what you pay for with Surprise Ride, and I know that my boys will be enjoying their box all month, until our new box arrives full of NEW surprises next month!  I can honestly say I would recommend this to any of my friends with children.  This would be an amazing Christmas gift, and I plan on giving my sister and her kids a subscription as a gift this year!  It’s entertaining, thought-provoking, evokes sharing and playing together, and lets my boys use their imaginations-  which is priceless to me in a day where tablets, video games and the internet rule.  Thank you, Surprise Ride!

Check out my son Noah (3 years old) playing with the catapult!

The boxes are definitely affordable, too.  Think about it like this:  for as low as $24.99 a month, your kids can have something that will spark their imaginations, introduce them to new and exciting concepts, teach them about teamwork and sharing, and keep their little minds creative during the month they receive their box, and beyond!  That’s a pretty amazing deal, and would be a great gift for any family, whether there is one child or multiple children!

Surprise Ride Monthly Subscription Box

Visit Surprise Ride on their:  WEBSITEFACEBOOKTWITTER and PINTEREST!




  1. Is it wrong that I totally want to subscribe and I’m an adult? HAHA this looks like a blast! Reminds me of my childcare days when I would do theme days and come up with snacks, games, books, crafts, etc. This would have made my life so much easier then!

  2. Haha! Not wrong at all! Seriously loved doing this. We had a blast!

  3. This box looks like a lot of fun! There are a lot of great boxes for kids now, perfect for Christmas! #ProductReviewParty

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