2015 TBL Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide: Spoil Your Pets with Pet Giftbox + 50% off Your First Box #holidaygiftguide

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.


What will you give your little fur babies this year for Christmas?  Pet Giftbox has the answer!  Pet Giftbox caters to pets, and the owners that adore them.  They are an affordable monthly subscription box company that also offers single boxes, filled with high quality items like treats, food, toys, accessories and clothing to make your pet feel special and spoiled!  You love surprises, and so do your pets, so why not treat them to a personalized box of their own every month?  The Pet Giftbox creators are all pet owners, so they know exactly what your furry friends want and need.  Going above and beyond, your purchases will help support America’s VegDogs®, providing assistance to veterans with disabilities.  Not only will your pets be in heaven with their special box of surprises, you’ll feel great about helping with a wonderful cause!

Pet Giftbox

I, Jeni, was sent 2 Pet Giftboxes – one for a dog, and one for a cat, to review for the Holiday Gift Guide.  What FUN these are!  We received them in October, so they are both Halloween-themed.  I can just imagine what the holiday boxes will be like!  Each box came with the pet’s name on the front, which was a sweet and very personalized feature.   Immediately, I was impressed with the adorable wrapping – a thick, printed paper with Halloween characters on it and a cute sticker that said, “Open at your own risk.”  Too cute!  Malibu (Dee’s dog) waited patiently for Dee to tear into the package to reveal her goodies, but Tictac (Jeni’s cat) opted to dive right into the box, under the paper to get to his gifts.

Pet Giftbox Review

Each box featured some amazing items!  They both had Halloween scarves for the pets to strut their stuff in, plus pumpkin-flavored treats, and some spooky toys!  Matti (Tictac’s sister) jumped in to enjoy the spoils of their Pet Giftbox, and immediately took to the feathery toy.  Tictac didn’t seem to mind, because he was busy cuddling up to one of the 3 catnip pouches he dug out of the box.  Malibu spotted the squeaky toy and seemed content with that for a while, before exploring the rest of her dog treat filled box. The animals were in Heaven, and that made us owners very happy to see them so excited!  These goodies will definitely be enjoyed all month, and after that, for sure!  The cats gobbled up their tuna in pumpkin soup, quicker than we’ve ever seen them eat anything.  I guess they were feeling pretty spoiled!  Malibu LOVES the pumpkin pie flavored cookies, and we’ll definitely be purchasing some more of those for her.  The treats were creative and delicious, plus, they were each made with natural ingredients.

Pet Giftbox Review

Here’s what was in Malibu’s Dog Box:

* Spooky Dog Toy – This plush toy is a Frankenstein face that’s big and soft!
* Peek-A-Boo Toy – Hilariously entertaining, this little squeeze toy has a head that pops up when you squeeze it hard!
* Pumpkin Smoocher Drops – These are chewy pumpkin-flavored drops with yogurt in them, and are wheat, corn and soy free!  
* Halloween Boo-Dana – How cute is this!?  A bandana made just for your pup!  
* Spooktacular Cookies – Pumpkin Pie flavored, all natural dog treats.  Need we say more?  


This is what was inside Tictac’s Cat Box:
* Catnip Pumpkin – This adorable pumpkin is filled with enticing catnip!  
* Halloween Boo-Dana – These little bandanas are the perfect size for a small cat!
* Spooky Catnip Toy – Another great catnip toy with 100% catnip inside!
* Catnip Halloween Mouse – This little toy is shaped like a cute mouse, and filled with catnip!
* Cats in the Kitchen Pumpkin Jack Splash – This Tuna in Pumpkin Soup is grain-free, and the cats gobbled it up QUICKLY!
* Feather Boa Wand – Let your cat chase around this silly feather  with catnip in it, and watch the fun unravel!
* Lattice Balls – Each ball has a bell inside that the cats love tossing around and chasing!

Pet Giftbox Review

Each month, you can score amazing, high quality treats, accessories, toys and surprises for your pets with Pet Giftbox.  They deserve some spoils in life, too, right!?  Show them just how much you love them with a new box each month for $28.99 a month, purchase a single box, or sign up for a year of fun deliveries that they can look forward to and pay the discounted rate of $18.99 for each box!  Pet Giftbox offers secret surprises (you won’t know what’s in them before they arrive) each month, so you can spoil your pets and enjoy opening their box with them to discover the treats, too.  Head over check out PetGiftBox.com and get started!

Score 50% off your FIRST BOX with the code binderladies at checkout!  This code is good through December 31st.

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