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Holiday Gift Guide: SmartSilk All Natural Silk Filled Comforter #holidaygiftguide

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

SmartSilk Silk Filled Comforter

Is your bed looking tired and weak? Is your comforter stained, old, and full of dust mites? If so, then you have to check out the SmartSilk Comforter. SmartSilk is a company that believes in the quality of their products. Their comforters come with an amazing 10 year warranty, seriously, 10 years, and SmartSilk offers that warranty because they truly have a comforter that you will love that will last forever.
SmartSilk doesn’t just make a good comforter, they make a great comforter, and they do it responsibly. They have follow a no kill process by only harvesting dropped cocoons from silk moths, so they never disturb the silk moths delicate life. They then boil it, clean, and hand extract the silkusing absolutely no chemicals. What you get is silk that is as pure as it gets and their chemical free process makes them perfect for allergy sufferers. In fact, SmartSilk is even certified asthma and allergy friendly in both the USA and Canada. In addition, SmartSilk Comforters guard against pet dander, dust mites, and even sweating while you sleep by being breathable and repelling all the gunk that your comforter usually absorbs.
SmartSilk Silk Filled Comforter
I, (Jeni), was sent a queen sized SmartSilk Comforter to test and review
I love my new SmartSilk Comforter. It truly reminds me of the fancy, expensive comforters that you would find in a fancy hotel. It is so luxurious and soft against my skin. The cotton outer shell is really, really nice, and it makes me feel awesome, knowing that it’s filled with REAL SILK!  It feels like I’m wrapped up in clouds when I am sleeping under it. I’m a generally warm sleeper, and this comforter not only is soft to sleep under, but it helps to keep me from waking up too hot. Because it repels sweat, I don’t wake up to a pool of sweat underneath me, and I never wake up having to kick off the comforter because I get too warm. If you are a cold sleeper, the SmartSilk Comforter will actually work the opposite way by keeping you warm, toasty, and cozy all night long.
When I first received my SmartSilk Comforter, I tossed it in the dryer for 10 minutes, like they recommend. This step proved to me just how soft and fluffy this comforter really is, because it puffed up like a huge cloud or a giant marshmallow when I took it out of the dryer. While my new comforter is super soft and smooth, it stays right where I put it, and I don’t find it slipping and sliding all over my bed like comforters do. Since my new comforter adjusts to my body temperature, I don’t wake up twisted up inside of my comforter anymore like I was inside of a tornado.
Caring for my silk filled comforter is super easy. It fits in the washing machine and is washed in cool water on delicate. Then you just toss it in the dryer. To make sure that it stays chemical free, it’s important to not dry clean the SmartSilk Comforter. I love this, because a lot of more expensive and luxury comforters say “dry clean only” right on the label, and this one actually tells you not to take it to the dry cleaner, how cool is that? Sleeping underneath the SmartSilk comforter is like sleeping under a down comforter without having the feathers poke through and stab you all the time.
Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 2.24.20 PM
In addition to comforters, SmartSilk also makes pillows, pillow protectors, mattress pads, and even crib bedding. All of their products carry the same allergy certification and are made with the same high quality materials as their comforter. Right now, when you visit their website, you can take advantage of a special deal on their pillows, $49.95 for standard, $59.97 for queen, and $69.99 for king. All of their pillows come with your choice of comfort level to chose between: soft, medium soft, medium, or firm. They are even offering easy monthly payments!
Not only does SmartSilk provide incredible bedding products like mattress pads, duvet & comforters, pillows,  pillow protectors and complete bedding sets for us humans, they have a new line for our furry friends, too!  Their newly launched luxury pet bedding and apparel line is called Paws n’ Silk. Check them out and see what these unique products can do for your pets by stopping by the Paws n’ Silk Facebook and Twitter pages!
Learn more about SmartSilk and stay connected by visiting their WEBSITETWITTER and FACEBOOK pages!

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