Holiday Gift Guide: Railtek Belts – The Ratchet Belt with No Holes and a Perfect Fit #holidaygiftguide

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

Railtek No Holes Belts

For over 25 years, the US was in the dark about a revolutionary belt style that maximizes comfort and versatility. The ratchet belt does away with holes punched an inch apart, and replaces it with a fully adjustable row of teeth that allow the measurements to adjust every 1/4 of an inch. Railtek Belts has taken the ingenuity of the ratchet belt and brought it to a whole new level. The sleek, no-hole design gives the belt a clean look, complemented by the micro-adjusting buckle, which comes in several handsome styles. Better yet, the belt can be trimmed to size, so there won’t be a long overhang, indicative of belts that are too big.  These belts are the perfect gift for men and teen boys that live for function, but could use some style! Railtek No Holes BeltsI, Sarina, was given the Classic Bar Belt to review. The first thing that really struck me was the amazing design. The polished professional look led me to do a double take – I thought there was no way a belt this nice could sell for only $29.95, but I checked it out to be sure, and that’s the price! The sturdy leather proves the belt is also well made, and durable but soft. It’s not always easy to find great quality so readily available at an awesome price!  In fact, Railtek prices are the cheapest on the market for this ingeniuos accesory!

Railtek No Holes Belts
My son, Jonathan, and my husband, Jon, are both very picky about their clothes, and in different ways. Jonathan has been wearing any combination of black, gray and red for the last three to four years. It’s only recently that he’s introduced the smallest hints of other colors; to my surprise, he picked out a purple shirt for his 8th grade dance, be still my heart!! For his limited color pallette, the kid always looks sharp; but there are only so many clothes out there in those few colors! Enter the Railtek belt; black leather, and a black and chrome buckle. I was hoping he’d like it, turns out he LOVES it! As soon as he saw it, he said he could see himself wearing that with his dress clothes that he needs for his business class, and can also pair it with his favorite jeans.  Since he’s on the skinny side, there was no struggle in finding the right size for him; the Railtek belt adjusted to the perfect size for him, and it fit him beautifully. In fact, it was so simple to adjust it, he did it himself! Hooray for the win and a happy teenager!
Railtek No Holes Belts
Jon is a different story. He’s (mostly) not bothered by the way things look, but he’s really stuck on the way things feel. One thing he is completely set in his ways about: if it doesn’t feel right, he will NOT wear it! Texture, size, length, heat retention…you name it; it has to be perfectly comfortable, or it is going right back to the store. Since he wears all black for work, and the Railtek belt can adjust up to size 52″ waist, I was certain this belt would fit the bill. I’m glad that I was right! It looks great with his work slacks, and he’s been taking it off right when he gets home and transferring the belt to his jeans. He’s been wondering why he hasn’t thought of an adjustable belt sooner!  Even the pickiest man can be pleased and look sharp, and I have Railtek Belts to thank for that.
railtek belts
The men in my life are loving this belt. It’s the perfect accompaniment to work or casual dress, and can adjust from a kid’s waist all the way up to 52″. There’s only one problem in my house now: they both want it! They go back and forth every evening on who should wear it the next day. Luckily, I have the remedy – I’ll simply have to buy more, and since they are so inexpensive, I know of two guys that will be finding Railtek Belts under the Christmas tree this year!  With it’s durable material, sleek design and micro-adjustable feature, Railtek has definitely set the bar on function, style and fashion-forward thinking when it comes to men’s accessories.  Grab a few for the men in your life!

Head over to Railtek to see their 4 amazing belt styles, each only $29.95!  You can also stay up to date with Railtek on their: Facebook, TwitterInstagram, Google+, and Pinterest!







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      Aren’t they awesome! AND I love the price!!

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