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Holiday Gift Guide: Kiss Naturals DIY Bubble Bath Kit #holidaygiftguide

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.
Kiss Naturals DIY Bubble Bath Kit
Do you or your kids love a nice relaxing bubble bath or splashing around with toys in the tub? Is so, you will love Kiss Naturals Bubble Bath Kit! Kiss Naturals craft kits allows you to create your own beauty products with professional results every time whether you are 6 or 96. The Kiss Naturals Bubble Bath Kit is just one of the high quality make your own beauty product kits that Kiss Naturals sells. They have lots of fun create your own beauty products kits including: moisturizer, lava lip gloss, face paint, hair chalk, and more. Kiss Naturals kits aren’t just fun to make, but the products you create are fun to use and safe to use as well. You’ll get so much satisfaction out of creating your own beauty products that you’ll never want to buy pre-made products at the store again. Not only that but Kiss Naturals kits are made with all natural ingredients free of dyes, additives, fillers, and synthetic materials. They don’t test their products on animals either. Kiss Naturals discloses all of their ingredients right on the product labels so that you never are left guess what might be inside of the products that you are making.
I (Jeni) was sent a Kiss Naturals bubble bath kit to review.
Kiss Naturals DIY Bubble Bath KitMy little nieces love bubble baths, but finding bubble baths that are not harsh on their skin can be a daunting task. I was excited to try the Kiss Naturals Bubble Bath Kit, and even more excited when I saw the two scents that were in my kit: Luscious Apple and Coastal Flowers. I’m a huge fan of apple scented products, so I couldn’t wait to smell the Luscious Apple scent. I removed the cap and smelled it, the smell was intoxicating, just like being in an apple orchard. The Coastal Flowers had a great flower smell but it was not so overpowering that my eyes started watering as sometimes happens with flower scented products. My kit also included a container of dye in the color pink. Other items included in my kit were a 4 ounce bottle of bubble bath solution, 4 empty bottles, a mixing spoon, a measuring cup, a mixing cup, and an instructional manual. My kit included enough ingredients to create four 1 ounce bottles of bubble bath.
Kiss Naturals DIY Bubble Bath Kit
Making the bubble bath was a breeze thanks to the illustrated instructions. Seriously, if you can read, you can make your own bubble bath using this kit. Everything you need is included, so you don’t have to search around your kitchen for the right size cups, mixing bowls, or spoons. Combining the ingredients together to make my own bubble bath was quick and easy. I made bubble bath number one using the pink dye and the Luscious Apple scent. The result was a delectable Fall scented bubble bath that smelled like I was standing in the middle of an apple orchard. I made bubble bath number two using the pink dye and the Coastal Flowers scent. The result was a sweet and soft smelling bubble bath that smelled like I was standing in a flower field after a Spring rain. I made bubble bath number three using the pink dye, half Luscious Apple, and half Coastal Flowers scent. The result was a tasty smelling bubble bath that smelled like apple pie. I made the final bubble bath using the pink dye, 1/4 Luscious Apple, and 3/4 Coastal Flowers scent. The result was a floral scented bubble bath with a hint of apple that smelled like an expensive scent you would find in a mall bath store.
 Kiss Naturals DIY Bubble Bath Kit
Making the bubble bath in this kit was just part of the fun. The second part of the fun came in when I went to use the bubble bath. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Some craft kits that allow you to make your own products, especially bath products tend to be very watered down and not perform very well, especially when it comes to a tub full of bubbles. I was very impressed with the bubbles that my home made bubble bath made. The bubbles were soft and had a foam like texture to them. You can definitely get a rich lather going on your skin with the bubbles. Not only that but because the ingredients were all natural, I experienced no skin irritation, even when I sat in the tub for an extended period of time. I knew this product was definitely safe for kids with sensitive skin! The bubble bath also didn’t leave a film in my tub, like so many bubble baths do.  I must admit that while I loved both bubble baths I created, the Luscious Apple was my hands down favorite.
 Kiss Naturals DIY Bubble Bath Kit
Kiss Naturals kits are not just fun, but educational too. Mixing ingredients together is a great Science lesson for children. Watching chemical reactions in kits like their bath fizzies again teaches young children valuable Science lessons. Prices for Kiss Natural kits start at just $14.95 for big kits and $9.95 for mini kits. Visit the Kiss Naturals website (http://www.kissnaturals.com/) to view their wide selection of kits that are sure to bring smiles. Kiss Natural kits would make an awesome group activity for slumber parties and scout troop meetings as well. Kiss Naturals has a kit that will appeal to everyone, including boys who will think that the face paint and bath fizzies kits are loads of fun.




Holiday Gift Guide: Kiss Naturals DIY Bubble Bath Kit #giftguide

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