Christmas 365: Learn How To Start Saving For Christmas NOW! Save More & Spend Less This Year!

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Christmas just passed, but here at The Binder Ladies, we believe that spending LESS during the holidays will help you save MORE throughout the year. How does that work? We save money, join rewards programs, and take surveys and shop all year round for Christmas. By thinking ahead and keeping Christmas gifts in mind this early in the year, you’ll find it easy to start collecting and stocking up on stocking stuffers and gifts for everyone in your family!

We prefer to spend our holiday season with our families, baking up delicious treats and cooking some amazing meals….not spending hours in the mall or online shopping for hundreds of dollars on last minute gifts, worrying if our packages will be delivered on time and fighting crowds for sales!  

Shopping for Christmas gifts doesn’t have to break your bank or clear out your wallet – and we’ll help you all year to save up and stock up! Giving gifts is one of our favorite traditions during the holidays, and we wouldn’t honestly be able to give as many gifts as we do, if it weren’t for shopping all year. Watch the blog for great gift ideas!

Some of you may be reading our posts and thinking, “Um, Binder Ladies, Christmas is so far away!” You’re right, but it sure does creep up on us quickly!!  We encourage you to shop like we do.  We have totes filled with gifts that we buy and collect the entire year at the best prices.  This way, when it comes time for celebrating the season, we can without hurting our wallets or rushing out for last minute gifts!  

Shopping all year round for gifts is the way to go!  We save a LOT of money and time by keeping our eyes out for special presents that we know we want to buy.  

We actually spend LESS buy buying throughout the year, than we would waiting until December to start shopping! 

Keep a box under your bed or a tote in the garage to store these early presents in, and watch it grow all year!  Freebies are great stocking stuffers, and when your favorite store offers free shipping or ship-to-store on clearance items that you know you’ll want to gift, why wait?  Better yet – we will post deals for you to cut down the time you spend searching!

Think about this – let’s say that a great deal on a pretend kitchen set or bicycle for your little one becomes available in June. You think, “that would be a great gift under the tree for the kids!”
You purchase it, and keep it stored away until Christmas, saving $50 on that deal. Along comes the holiday rush, and we see the same items on sale, but for $10 cheaper.
Was it still a good deal in June?
YES! Here’s why- you still saved a nice chunk of money, AND you didn’t have to shell out a ton of bucks during the busiest shopping season. Isn’t spending $300 in gifts, sporadically throughout the year (and still getting great deals!), better than spending $300 all at once in December? You’ll already have your gifts paid for, and can now enjoy the season or shop with ease!

Here are some of the ways we collect gifts and save for Christmas all year!
AMAZON – This is a GREAT site with often unbeatable and rock bottom prices on everything from electronics to bedding, toys to housewares! We post some great deals throughout the year for you, and always do a “price comparison,” so you know you’re getting the best price. There are times when companies will give out FREE Amazon gift cards, and we are sure to let you know about those when they come out.
A great way to save on shipping from Amazon is to join Amazon Prime.  You can get a FREE 30 day trial membership, and it’s worth it! Amazon Prime offers FREE 2 day shipping!  After your trial, you can buy a membership for $99 a year (not a bad price if you buy a lot from Amazon!) OR wait 13 months and get another free trial!  Join Amazon Prime HERE. If you’re unsure about Amazon Prime, check out the review that our friends at Ship2Blaine wrote about it, HERE!

Moms can sign up for Amazon Mom, and Students with a .edu email address can sign up for Amazon Student! Both offer free trials (6 months and 50% off Prime Price for students), with great discounts and perks, too!

Another great site that offers free shipping trials is ShopRunner  – that’s FREE 2-day shipping from tons of great websites like ESPN, Claire’s, Toys R Us and so many more.  If you happen to find yourself with a bit of extra money, and you’re feeling the Christmas shopping bug, sign up for these free shipping trials. Otherwise, we suggest waiting to sign up until October or November.  We post quite a few rockin’ deals at rock bottom prices from Amazon, especially closer to the holidays, so having Prime will ensure you’ll grab them for cheaper!

Nervous about buying online?
 Rest assured all of the deals we post are from reputable websites that WE have purchased from, too!  There’s no reason to be scared about online shopping, and once you do, you’ll LOVE IT! Jen’s husband has a little “online mis-hap” that was resolved much quicker and easier than you may expect! Click HERE to read about it!

We purchase TONS of the items we post for you every day. If it isn’t a great deal, we don’t post it. We scour the web and use our database of rock bottom prices to offer you the best deals possible, so rest assured, if these deals are good enough for us, they are good enough to post for YOU!
FREE Shipping – If you aren’t an Amazon shopper, you can still score free shipping on great sites with really inexpensive items.  We calculate our out of pocket cost on everything – and that includes the cost of shipping.  As we say in our Mission Statement, “If we are spending money on shipping – that’s still spending money.”  Free shipping + sale prices = GREAT deals.  Here are a few of our favorite sites that offer free shipping and discounted prices all the time:

Miniinthebox – from jewelry to toys and gadgets, they have everything!
Nordstrom.com – classic Nordstrom, with amazing lower prices!
SuperJeweler – great jewelry (both fashion and genuine stones)!
Gap – great sale items!
PiperLime – a Gap affiliated store with awesome sales!
6pm.com – one of our favorite sites with clothing, accessories and shoes!

Stocking Stuffers – YES!  You can collect some great stocking stuffers all year!  Throw them in your “Christmas Gift Box” and you’ll be surprised how much you have when it’s time to start stuffing!  Bath and Body Works is a GREAT way to collect yummy smelling lotions and body washes, because several times a year, they come out with coupons that don’t require a purchase to get a travel sized item for FREE!  
PinchMe.com is a great site for samples and full sized freebies. Every other Tuesday at 9am PST, they unlock those freebies, but you’ll need to be quick. Head over HERE to sign up and be ready! They’ll email you with a reminder when samples go live. These make nice additions to gift baskets and stockings!
You’ll see freebies in a whole new light once you start collecting gifts for Christmas all year round.  You may not be interested in a freebie we post, however, consider friends and family that may enjoy it.  When we stock up on items with our coupons, think about tossing a couple of those in your Christmas Gift Tote, too!  Last year, Jen spent ZERO dollars on stocking stuffers for both of her 20-something step-kids. Free nail polish at Rite Aid with a coupon? That goes in the Christmas Gift Tote! Energy drink samples, travel size body washes and shampoos, free stickers and more all make for nice stuffers!
Earn Rewards & Cash There are so many great ways to earn cash and rewards that you can save up for your Christmas shopping! These aren’t survey sites, they are simply companies that reward you for redeeming coupons and shopping like you normally would online OR in-store. We posted about these opportunities HERE. We strongly encourage you to sign up and start earning, because when you’re ready to start shopping for Christmas and holiday gifts, every penny counts!  You can learn how to EARN MONEY BY SHOPPING and using free programs like Jingit, Ibotta, Checkout51, and MemoLink (plus more HERE), We keep an account just for deposits from these offers, and save up all year. This makes it easy to make a purchase during the Summer, when we ordinarily might not have the extra shopping money! It’s also money that you aren’t stashing away from regular paychecks – it’s EXTRA money that you’ve earned!
One of our favorites is SuperPoints. SuperPoints allows you to earn points to trade in for gift cards and gifts! We’ve already cashed out over $200 in gift cards!
Yet another awesome program to join is LivingSocial’s LivingSocialite Program. Earn points, get exclusive deals and much more!

How about scoring CASH BACK for the purchases you make online? It’s as easy as using eBates! We get some serious cash back all year for gifts and items we purchase, and the best part is, it’s FREE to use! You’ll even score credit for every friend you invite. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? It’s not! Sign up HERE.

Credit, Credit, Credit! – There are tons of sites that offer “referral credit.” This means that when you invite friends to shop on that site, and they make a purchase, you’ll score FREE credit to the site!  Some will even offer your friend a free credit to help them get the motivation to shop, AND you’ll earn yours!  It’s that easy!  Here are a few of our favorites:

One Kings Lane (housewares, toys, decorations and more) – $15 credit

Keekoo (pregnancy and baby items) – $10 credit
DoggyLoot (dog treats, toys and more) – $5 – $10 credit
NoMoreRack (little of everything) – $10 credit
Zulily (kid, baby and mommy stuff) – $15 credit
ThredUp (gently used designer clothing) – $15 credit

When we find more sites like these, we’ll update this list!  Do you know of a site not listed here?  Email us your link, and we’ll add YOUR personal referral link to this list!

Make Your Own – creating your own gift baskets and presents can be really rewarding and fun!  It’s also a super frugal way to save during the holidays!  Check out a few of our Thrifty Tips posts that could help you with this:

A Few of Our Favorite Things – We have encountered a lot of wonderful products this year, and all of them are AWESOME deals.  You can check out the full list on our Reviews Page, but here are just some of our favorites:

South Hill Designs – custom made jewelry!
Pink Zebra – Sprinkles and awesome home decor!
Younique – amazing, natural makeup!
Jewelry in Candles – jewelry inside every soy candle!
Jamberry Nail Wraps – amazing wraps that last 2 or more weeks!
Pikle – innovative and stylish compact organizers!
The Bouqs – the best flower delivery service online!

After Christmas Clearance – One of our absolute favorite clearance sale times is right after Christmas! Get new decorations, wrapping paper, ornaments and more for dirt cheap immediately after Christmas, when stores need to rid themselves of the overstock from the holidays. This is when we grab what we can, and store away for next year. Watch for great deals at flea markets and yard sales during the Spring and Summer, too! Even online retailers are clearing their shelves, to make room for new merchandise. This means that throughout January, we’ll see great deals to score and save for next Christmas! You may be surprised when you finally check out your Christmas Tote at the end of the year! You’ll have stocked up much more than you thought you could have, and you won’t notice a change in your finances, because you’ll have spread out the spending all year!

So, let’s deck the halls and raise the nog!  It’s Christmas 365 days a year for Binder Ladies and frugal shoppers!

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