Guest Post – I Married A Couponer: A Husband’s Point of View on Couponing!

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  Hi! My name is Peter. I met my wife (Jen) almost 4 years ago. She lived in California and I lived in Vancouver, Canada.  She had told me about her obsession and passion with couponing and how much she enjoyed doing it. I had NO idea what I was in for, or what to expect when we got married.  I blew off her statements of “You’d be surprised at how much I save!” And I rolled my eyes when she would say, “I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t coupon!”
   Living in Canada, I had no clue about couponing, as we Canucks don’t really have the same coupon system as you do in the US.  There aren’t many coupons out there for us, and the few we do see aren’t going to make a dent in our shopping totals.
Helping Jen out every once in a while, by organizing coupons for the binder is a small price to pay for all of the savings we get!

   Shortly after meeting Jen, I brought her up to Canada for a year. She was going crazy not being able to coupon as she was accustomed to in the US.  My first experience with her frugal behavior was when we were having a BBQ for our friends and family.  I picked up a jar of mayonnaise.  Even though she was at the other end of the aisle, she seemed to have some sort of price radar.  She quickly yelled, “NO!” and ran to meet me in front of the condiments.  “Are you kidding me?  Almost SIX DOLLARS for Mayonnaise?  No.”  She quickly scanned the rest of the brands and found a much cheaper version.  “This one is $2 cheaper.  This is what we are getting.”  I quickly became used to her methods, and appreciated a lower grocery bill!  Only after we were married and living on a budget, did I realize the magnitude of her couponing love.  She started this blog (The Binder Ladies), to teach others how to use coupons and save money….and I was introduced to the couponing way of life.  Honestly, I was hooked.  

My first big “haul.”  We spent $6.23 on all of this.  Yep.  I understand now!

   Although this was not something I was overly interested in,  I soon fell in love with the idea of saving SO much money. As I’m still living in Vancouver and travel down to be with Jen every weekend (immigration is REALLY expensive), I found myself quite often sitting on the living room floor going though her coupon binder and “helping” take out expired coupons, cutting new coupons and going over flyers.  When we joined forces, it really didn’t take that long, and I knew it was quality time spent toward a bigger purpose – saving tons of money.  What husband doesn’t support that?

Pulling out the expired coupons, and getting them ready to send to military wives overseas!
   Jen would quite often test me on “stock up prices” and where to find things in her binder, so that I could be quicker and more efficient in the grocery store.  It felt like Basic Training for husbands of couponers, but I’m pretty good at it now.  I’ve even been allowed to shop by myself (with the binder, of course) and love looking at my receipts to see the savings I accrued.   I realized that in supporting this crazy passion for coupons and deals, I was helping my wife to maintain a productive and healthy hobby that was saving our family money every time we shopped.  By embracing her healthy lifestyle, I was also avoiding the “Coupon Nazi” scolding me for spending more than $1.99/lb on fresh ground beef or paying for toothpaste, when a coupon and rewards at the drugstore would get that for free.
Yep, that’s me, taking over the reins and searching the binder for coupons!  Jen was pretty proud.
   I really had NO idea what coupons were all about and NEVER thought I’d be involved in something like this.   I was the type of guy that would go grocery shopping and just grab the brand name items that I always ate.  My wife shudders when I talk about those days – with good reason!  Every month, we tally up our savings and keep the receipts in envelopes.  This helps us track our savings each month, and each year.  It’s almost like a game – trying to get less spent and more saved each month! I thank my wife all the time for saving us so much money and didn’t realize just how fun couponing could be. SO- If you’re thinking about starting or you’re ready to give up, remember  that there here is no better feeling then coming home with several hundred dollars worth of food, knowing you’ve only spent 40 to 50 bucks to get it all.  

For Christmas in 2013, we spent a total of $635 for about 60 gifts.  We saved over $3,000! The online deals that my wife finds and shares on the blog, are all deals that we would purchase, and HAVE purchased!  I had no idea how much you could save on gifts by purchasing online.  We shop all year for Christmas (she talks about this in this post), just like she promotes on the blog and wants her readers to do, too.  We wouldn’t have $635 to spend (let alone $3,000) in December to get all of the gifts we like to get – but we DO have about $40+ a month to spend throughout the year.  It makes a HUGE difference and we’re able to give presents to people that we normally can’t afford to include!

This used to embarrass me.  Now I walk through the grocery store, proudly displaying our coupon binder and frugal lifestyle!  I’m the first one to hand a stranger a coupon, too!

Husbands and significant others. Heed my suggestion:  get INVOLVED!  Support your frugal divas and don’t try fighting it.  It won’t help.  Start helping and I would be our monthly grocery budget that you”ll notice a happier wife (which makes for a happier husband), and a lot more money in your wallet.

   I’m a changed man!!!  And, as my wife says, “Long Live The Almighty Coupon!”

Frugal Pete 🙂

Does your hubby support your couponing habits?  We’d love to hear your story in the comments!


  1. Couponing is not easy. Just look at this huge binder! Wow!<br />I do not know how to coupon professionally, maybe due to the fact that I do not use the products that usually have coupons.<br />But to learn this system would be awesome!<br />Hei, Jeni, need a student to exercise your skills on me?

    • I can absolutely help you out! Whether it&#39;s with rebates or cash back offers on the products you like and use, or coupons (because I guarantee most companies now put out coupons, and there ARE coupons available for what you use!), we&#39;ll find a way! There are so many options – the paper coupon isn&#39;t the only resource! I&#39;d be happy to help you out, Laura! Just let me know when

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