Almondina Cookies Review + Upcoming Giveaway!

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We were sent Almondina product to help facilitate this review.  All opinions are our own.
How does a delicious, crispy, flavorful almond cookie sound to you?  What if we told you that you can get gourmet quality cookies that are all-natural, have no cholesterol and no added fat, salt or preservatives?  Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it?  Almondina gives us all of the comforting cookie taste with none of the guilt!  Only 30 calories, these amazing, thin cookies are packed with some serious goodness.  Be warned, though – these are seriously addicting!
Almondina is owned by a world renowned musical conductor, Yuval Zaliouk.  His family’s secret  recipe for these gourmet treats has been passed down from generation to generation.  Read more about his story HERE. As a gourmet cookie and health food snack all wrapped up into one crunchy, sweet and delicious treat, these are definitely unique.  Great on their own as a quick snack or sugar fix, these are also perfect with coffee, tea, soft cheeses and light wines.  Whole almond slices are sprinkled throughout each piece. They amp it up with treats like natural pistachios, cherries and raisins nestled into every bite.  Almondina Cookies offer a nice crunch that isn’t too hard, and a sweetness that’s subtle and natural tasting.  No matter which variety you prefer, you won’t be disappointed!
Jen was sent a sampler pack of 8 different flavors:  Sesame, Gingerspice, (2) The Original, Almonduo, Choconut, Cinnaroma, and Chocolate Cherry.  Each was simply amazing, with wonderful flavors that weren’t too overpowering. These cookies don’t have to try to hard, or include a bunch of bells and whistles to impress.

Check out all of the Almondina varieties!
· Original – America’s all natural favorite with almonds and raisins
· Chocolate Cherry – We combined the world’s finest dark chocolate
  with plump cherries to produce an irresistible, decadent treat without guilt.
· Choconut – Rich tasting crunchy chocolate, but low in calories
· Cinnaroma® – The original biscuit for cinnamon lovers
· Gingerspice – Trend setting, with chunks of Australian ginger
· AlmonDuo® – Double-nut wonder with almonds and pistachios
· AnniversaryT – Award winning delight with a touch of anise
· BranTreats® – Made with oat bran and the finest cinnamon “Cookies For Breakfast”
· Sesame – Irresistible, exotic, flavorful
Seasonal Pumpkin Spice – A seasonal attraction with a delightful touch of fall spices combined with the highest quality almonds and pepitas (pumpkin seeds)
Including new products:
· Chocolate Dipped – the Original® dipped in the finest, pure, rich dark chocolate was previously offered only certain times of the year is now available year round
· Delights – The Original® Almondina totally encased in Milk chocolate
· Yogurt Dipped – Brantreats® dipped on one side with a layer of all natural yogurt

       Learn more about Almondina by visiting their website, Facebook and Twitter pages!
                                               Buy some Almondina Cookies HERE!
     Stay tuned to the blog, because beginning May 6th, we’ll be hosting a giveaway for the same                      sampler pack that we were able to review!


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