Easter Egg Hunt! We’ve Hidden Eggs – Find Them & Win A Prize!

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Did you find an egg?!  Scroll down to find out how to claim your prize!
Are you ready to hunt for some fun prizes!?  Easter Egg Hunts are just for kids!  We’ll be randomly hiding Easter Eggs on our sites for you to find – and each egg you find and claim, earns you a surprise!  Well let you know when a new egg has been hidden, but be sure you’re following all of us on Facebook:  The Binder Ladies, Sweet Southern Lovin’ and Mommy’s Makin’ It, so you don’t miss these updates!  
Here’s how to play:

*  Search our websites for hidden Easter Eggs.  You may find them on the main blog feed, on existing posts or even other pages!  The more you hunt, the better the chance you have of finding one!  
Come back everyday to keep searching:  The Binder Ladies, Sweet Southern’ Lovin’, and Mommy’s Makin’ It.
* When you find an egg on one of our sites, comment on that post with the words, “I FOUND AN EGG!” and then click on the egg to email us and let us know you found it to claim your prize.  The first person to find the egg, comment and email us will claim it.   There is 1 prize per hidden egg.

Please put, “I FOUND AN EGG” in the subject of the email.

If you found your egg on The Binder Ladies, email Jeni – thebinderladies@gmail.com
If you found your egg on Sweet Southern Lovin’, email Michelle  – michelle@sweetsouthernlovin.com
If you found your egg on Mommy’s Makin’ It, email Jessica – mommysmakinit@gmail.com

*  Once an egg is claimed, it will be removed from the page.

*  Prizes may take up to 6 weeks to be delivered.

*  This hunt will continue on through April 19th 2014.

*This event is in no way sponsored by Facebook or any other social media.  All prizes are the responsibility of The Binder Ladies, Sweet Southern Lovin’, and Mommy’s Makin’ It.  Winner must leave comment on the page where the egg is found AND click on the egg to email in order to claim their prize.  Questions can be directed to Jeni @ thebinderladies@gmail.com, Michelle @ Michelle@sweetsouthernlovin.com or Jessica @ mommysmakinit@gmail.com.

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