Makit Plates Review + Upcoming Giveaway!

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Rainy days are coming with Spring, but Makit has you covered!  Get the kids ready to create some fun and unique art on everyday products that will be continually used and admired for years!  Makit products are a super fun way to keep the kids entertained, get their creative juices flowing, and giving them something special and personal that they make themselves.  Whether it’s plates, bowls, platters, mugs or tumblers, all of the Makit products are:
* Nontoxic
* BPA-free
* Made in the USA
* Dishwasher safe
* Perfect for everyday use!
Sounds great, right?  Any of these products would be awesome for birthday party crafts (check out the classroom/group kit!), Mother’s Day & Father’s Day, rainy day activities and any occasion you may need a gift to give. The kids get to unleash their personalities on products that will be used everyday.  You may even want to keep the projects to display in your own home!

Jen was sent the Art Plate Kits for our little Review Minions to checkout.  These are TOO COOL!  Not only are they easy to create, our Minions were ridiculously thrilled with their final projects and couldn’t wait to use them!  Since we were given 5 plates in this package, the girls had some friends over to make a party of out it!  We asked the girls and their mom some questions about the Art Plate project to share their honest opinions with you:

* What did you like/not like about the Makit Plates?

Alexa -“I don’t like the white part of my plate but I like the horse on my plate.”

Jorja – “I liked coloring the plates!”

Chandra (Mom) – “I liked that the kit came with lots of circles to color and the felts were included. The girls were able to make mistakes and not feel bad about using another paper circle. It was great entertainment and they now love eating off their own customized plates.”

* Was it easy to make?

Chandra (Mom) – “Yes, the instructions were easy to follow and very straight forward. It would be great if they advised how many stamps should be put on the return envelope so you don’t have to guess or go to the post office.”

* Do you like your finished plate?

Alexa & Jorja – “Yah!!!!”  (in a gleeful little girl scream)

* Do you girls have any other thoughts about the plates that you want to share with other kids that might buy these kits?

Jorja – “Every kid should buy this kit because it’s fun to eat off my own plate!!”

Any other comments, girls?
Alexa – “My favorite part was coloring the paper plates.  Jorja drew me a horse and I colored it.  I don’t know how they make it hard [into a plate].  ‘Mom, how did they make it hard?'”

Jorja – I liked coloring the paper circles with my friend and cousins.  I made lots of paper plates and then we got to pick our favorites ones.  I wish we could have sent in all our pictures.  I wanted a plate with my whole family on it.”

Head over HERE to check out these awesome projects!  You’ll receive your final plates in about 2 weeks, after sending in the template drawings.  Keep in the loop with Makit products by visiting their website, Facebook Page, and Twitter.  
You can save $5 off your purchase at just for being a reader, when you click HERE.
Stay tuned, because starting March 24th,  we will be giving away a Makit Plate Kit!

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