Madison Reed: High Quality Hair Color Subscription Boxes = $24.95 Shipped! You Set Delivery Schedule!

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Madison Reed Shampoo and Conditioner
It’s a new year – so how about a new hair color?   When you buy hair color from the drugstore, chances are you are reapplying and purchasing more within a couple of weeks.  You’re also damaging your hair with harsh chemicals that cause your hair to stink, too!  ICK!  Most hair colors contain things like ammonia, resorcinol and paragons that can leave your hair dry and listless over time.  Introducing, Madison Reed.  This is a new home hair coloring subscription box ($24.95)  that you can have delivered every 3 – 10 weeks, depending on when you need it most!  
Madison Reed is a new company that honestly cares about its products and customers.  Their hair color is made in Italy and contains ingredients that keep your hair healthy – keratin, argan oil and ginseng root extract.  Not sure what color would look the best on you? No problem!  Just get online and talk to one of their free color advisors!  
For only $24.95 per box, you’re getting more than just a new color for your hair!  If you are a hair color enthusiast, and color often, this is definitely the product for you!  Head on over HERE to check them out and see all of their other awesome products!

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