Review & Upcoming Giveaway: Brownie Brittle!

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If you’re looking for an awesome tasting, 
Sheila G. Mains created Brownie Brittle in 1992, when she transformed her family favorite brownie recipe into her own creation – Brownie Brittle!  Her favorite part of brownies was always the crispy edges (whose isn’t!?), so she invented this amazing treat that gives you nothing but the edges!
Check this out – they are only 120 calories per serving.  You won’t believe it when you try these, though!  
Kyle and Jen had been eyeing these product in the grocery store for months, so when Sheila G. sent us a box of each flavor, we had a slumber party to celebrate!  This is now our “snack of choice” for our slumber parties!
We were sent a bag of each flavor to try and review:  Salted Caramel, Chocolate Chip, Mint Chocolate Chip and Toffee Crunch.   First of all, these ALL actually taste just like the crunch edges of brownies.  It’s pretty impressive.  They are light and crunchy, with a nice combination of flavors in each kind.  
The Salted Caramel is phenomenal.  You get the classic brownie flavor, with a kick of caramel and a dash of salt added.  It’s pretty amazing how they blend these flavors so perfectly!  The chocolate chip is a classic, for sure.  It’s an even, creamy chocolate brownie taste sprinkled with more chocolate-y goodness on top!  
The Mint Chocolate Chip is ridiculously yummy.  It literally tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream and has the perfect balance of mint and chocolate flavors infused in each piece.  Toffee Crunch – wow. As is the crunchiness of the brittle wasn’t enough, they add toffee to it to give it an added sweetness that’s unique and memorable!  YUM!
Check out more about these amazing product by visiting Brownie Brittle’s website, check them out on Facebook, or following them on Twitter!
Who is ready to win some Brownie Brittle!?  We’ll be hosting a giveaway, starting December 23rd, so keep watching the blog to enter to win!!


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