Garb2Art LipGarb Review! Best Lip Gloss EVER!

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Dawn, over at I Love Lip Garb sent me (Jen) some amazing LipGarb items to review, and if you’re looking for the PERFECT lipgloss, this is it!   I received the Lipbuster package:  a Garb2Art Cosmetic Bag (w/ attached mirror), a LipGarb Liner, LipGarb Lipstick,  a LipGarb Gloss and a tub of their awesome NailGarb Cuticle Balm!  It was all packaged up in a cool, artsy way – which made it seem like I was pulling gems out of the garbage!  LipGarb was created by this rockin’ lady, Dawn Andrews. She’s a suburban Indianapolis area mom of 6 (yes, SIX!) who created an innovative way of combining her passion for recycling and love of artistic creativity to introduce a line of cosmetics that is truly unique.  There are 14 shades of gloss – something for everyone, and when you order, your new products will arrive in recycled materials, which makes for a pretty unique package!

Some of the biggest gripes I have with lip gloss is what I call the “sticky factor.”  You know when you press your lips together after applying your gloss, and your lips have to almost peel apart because the gloss is so sticky?  Well, this was the first product I pulled out of my package to try.  I had to test the sticky factor of LipGarb.  This gloss is SO smooth.  It applies really nicely and leaves a satin-like finish on your lips.  There is NO stickiness at all, which was a great surprise!  I applied my new LipGarb gloss and looked in the mirror after over an hour.  It looked like I had just applied it!  VERY cool!  This isn’t your ordinary tube of gloss, though.  Not only is it silky and luxurious feeling, it smells awesome AND the tube has a mirror on it!  To sweeten this product up, they even have a light in the applicator handle!  How cool is that?  This makes it easy to apply your favorite new gloss anywhere, because you have a lighted applicator and a mirror all right there for you!

The lip pencil and lipstick are pretty rockin’, too.  They are slick and subtle – something that every girl needs for everyday wear.  Want to amp up your lips for a night on the town?  Just apply a bit more with the cool mirror on the lipstick, and add the gloss for a finished product that will definitely keep you smiling.  Once again, these products somehow have a faint scent that’s really pleasant, too.

My cuticles are in desperate need of attention.  I was really excited to get my new NailGarb Cuticle Balm and try it out.  It’s made with only 3 ingredients:  coconut oil, orange oil and love. 🙂  This stuff smells super yummy, and feels incredible.  With Winter here, my nails go through some pretty dry periods, and literally the second I applied this cuticle balm, I could feel instant relief.  My fingers didn’t smell like some industrial alcohol based balm, either – another great treat!

All in all, these products definitely get a 2 thumbs up from me.  I have been searching for the perfect gloss, and honestly believe I have found it.  Head over HERE to check out all of their amazing packages and products!  Keep up with new products and more news on their Facebook Page, HERE.

The Binder Ladies was sent the mentioned products in exchange for an honest review of them.  The opinions expressed in this review are genuine, and not influenced by any other compensation.

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