Brew la la Coffee & Brew la la Tea Review + Upcoming Giveaway!

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Attention coffee and tea lovers!  If you’re tired of your boring cup of Folgers, or need a little more kick than what Lemon Zest Tea has to offer, we’ve found you the perfect solution!  Brew la la Coffee is a truly unique coffee from a sincerely rockin’ company.  Brew la la Coffee is part of Ooh la la Brands – a company that incorporates stylish flair with inventive and high quality products.  We were lucky enough to get to review some Brew la la Coffee and Teas, and what fun that was!  With coffee flavors like Apple Pie, Cookies and Cream, Red Velvet and Smores (just to name a few), how can you go wrong?  Need organic or decaffeinated coffee?  No problem! There are varieties available with yummy flavors, as well.  Their tea flavors are just as fabulous – Ginger Peach, Chocolate Mint, and Blueberry Green Tea are some examples!  All of their awesome teas are organic, too.
We received 2 yummy bags of coffee:  Chocolate Coconut Coffee and Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee.  They also sent us a tin of Organic Chocolate Strawberry Tea and an Organic Classic Tea Prism Sampler to try out, enjoy and review.  
First of all, we LOVE the smell of coffee…..but Brew la la Coffee amps that up 100%.  When the Chocolate Coconut Coffee was brewing, the aroma literally filled the air.  It was warm and chocolatey with a sweet coconut tint to it.  It amazed us that the coffees actually taste just like they smell!  The Chocolate Hazelnut was the most enticing to smell while it brewed.  Nutty, velvety and unique, this pot of coffee was a hit!  The flavors are paired perfectly, and compliment each other while not being overpowering or taking away from the wonderful coffee bean taste that coffee should have.  You won’t need creamer for these coffees!
We were pretty excited to try the Chocolate Strawberry Tea.  It actually has real strawberry pieces in it! Although we didn’t distinctly taste chocolate, it was a strawberry haven, for sure.  This tea will make non-tea drinkers fall in love with it!  It almost smells like strawberry lemonade, but it isn’t too fruity.  With a subtle flower aftertaste from the hibiscus and rosehip, this is a tea you have to try!  The prism teas were just as wonderful.  These are the classic flavors you have always loved, with USDA Organic Certified ingredients.

All in all, we adore Brew la la Coffee and Brew la la Tea.  The company was amazing to work with and their products are simply wonderful.  We definitely suggest checking out their site – and discovering some fun new products to try for yourself!  From their signature hot pink packaging to their inventive flavors, Brew la la gets 2 thumbs up from us!

It’s your turn to try them now!  Stay tuned for a great giveaway starting December 30th, when you can enter to win 2 bags of Brew la la Coffee!  Woohoo!  

The Binder Ladies was sent the mentioned products in exchange for an honest review of them.  The opinions expressed in this review are genuine, and not influenced by any other compensation.

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