Coupon Education: How To Get PAID To Shop!

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It’s pretty impressive to see the hauls that couponers bring home after a great shopping trip, we won’t deny that.  It’s motivating and inspiring for newbies and pros alike!
But how do they get PAID to shop?  
We will often get back rewards from several programs that GIVE us money as rewards for shopping.  Using coupons makes those items FREE or almost free – and then getting those rewards back is like “making” money!  Yes, you’ll have to spend a little out of pocket sometimes, but after your rebates and rewards, you’re in the green!  Here’s how we do this:
Ebates:  Ebates is a great site that offers a $10 gift card (you choose) for first time shoppers on their site. Simply sign up for FREE, and when you shop online, go through Ebates.  You’ll earn cashback for your purchases and they’ll send you a check once you reach $5!  Simple!  Click HERE for more info and to sign up!

2012 earnings:
Jen:  $66
Dee: $45 + $10 Gift Card to Target!
Shop@Home:  Shop at Home is another site, similar to Ebates.  Shop through them for cashback on your online purchases!  We like to compare between Ebates and Shop@Home to see which is offering up bigger percentages back.  Earn $20, and you can cashout.  Get $5 for inviting friends.  Click HERE for more info and to sign up!
2012 earnings:
Jen:  $17 + $15 for inviting friends
Dee: $39
Plink!:  This program is SO fun!  Get paid to eat out and shop in stores (not online!).  Simply sign up HERE, then register your debit card.  Don’t worry – it’s VERY secure.  Pick 3 restaurants (even fast food!) or retail partners (like Gap) and every time you spend money at those stores, you’ll earn cashback!  SWEET!  We just started this program this year, so we don’t have our yearly earnings for you yet, but so far Jen has made $35 and Dee has made $35, and the year isn’t over yet!
Ibotta:  Ibotta is a new program for Android and iPhone users that offers “coupons” for different stores.  It’s SO easy to navigate through, and we put Ibotta offers in our scenarios so you can see how it works.  For example:  Get $1.25 back from Ibotta when you buy a specific brand of juice.  You’ll upload your receipt, and BAM!  Your $1.25 is in your account.  Let those rewards add up and you have some serious savings!    Another bonus – when you refer a friend to Ibotta, you’ll score $1 after they make their first purchase!  We just started this program in 2013, but each of us has already tallied up over $50!! Sign up HERE. *You will get a sweet $10 back now, if you’re a new user!  WOOHOO!

SavingStar:  SavingStar is one of our favorites.  Similar to Ibotta, however, you don’t need your phone and you don’t have to upload receipts.  Simply claim the offers you want for products you will buy, and they are automatically loaded to your shopper’s card.  Once you make that purchase, you’ll receive that “coupon” amount back from SavingStar.  Earn $5 and cash out!  We found SavingStar mid-year, so our totals are a reflection of 6 months.  Sign up HERE!
2012 earnings:
Jen:  $18.50
Dee: $21.75
Jingit:  If you have a Facebook account and a mobile phone, you qualify for this fun progam!  Earn real cash instantly for watching ads, shopping and giving feedback with Jingit!  It’s so easy, and quick to earn money – you’ll wonder why you didn’t sign up sooner!  You’ll be able to check in at your favorite stores like Target and Walmart to get even more earning opportunities while you shop!  You can also download the Jingit App on your iPhone or Android device, to watch videos and take 1-5 question surveys to earn cash!  It’s SO easy.
We both use Jingit and head over to the website about once a week to watch a few commercials and earn some cash!    Sign up HERE!

The 3 R’s of couponer money making!
Rebates:  We find rebates everywhere.  Hit up your favorite product’s website, watch The Binder Ladies blog posts, look for rebates on packages and even get notified of rebates in the Sunday Paper coupon inserts at times!  Stores will also offer rebates – Walgreens and Rite Aid are the most lucrative.  Rebates used to be a pain to fulfill – but now, it takes about 10 seconds to complete either online or by mailing them in!  Definitely worth it!  With stamp prices raising again to 46¢, you’ll want a rebate that’s making you MORE than you’re paying for the stamps.
2012 earnings:
Jen:  $97
Dee: $123.50
Rewards Our favorite stores have some amazing reward programs!  We don’t encourage you to spend more just to get the rewards, however, if you’re already purchasing the products or will already meet the minimum requirement – got for it!
Walgreens has Balance Reward Points and Register Rewards.
Rite Aid has Up Rewards.
Target offers up gift cards to their store when you buy multiple products that are advertised + if you sign up with Target, you’ll get exclusive coupons!  You can also check out the Cartwheel App for more offers!
Walmart is  a great store to use your high value coupons at, because they give overage!  Overage occurs when your coupon value is larger than the product price.  You’ll receive the difference!
Referral Links There are a TON of great sites that offer you credits when friends sign up under your referral link. Here are a few examples:
Zulily (get $15 credit for referrals)
Copious ($5 credit for referrals at most times-  check the sites for current offer)
Swagbucks (earn points to redeem for gift cards, as your referred friends earn points)
Sneakpeeq (earn credits for referrals)
Keekoo (baby and pregnancy site – earn credits for referrals)
Doggy Loot (earn $5 credit for referrals)
Using coupons bring our totals down to as close to zero as possible.  Signing up for these easy programs means we get PAID to shop in-store AND online!  What’s better than free?  Getting paid to shop for free!

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