Walgreens (Starting 4/21): $3 Money Maker On Ultimate Flora Probiotics!

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Here’s a SWEET money maker that will be coming up  at Walgreens for the week of 4/21!  Although this deal doesn’t start for a few weeks, these coupons will generally reach their print limit when couponers see a money maker, so we wanted to post this NOW, to give you the opportunity to get your coupon!  Here’s what the deal will look like:

Buy:  Ultimate Flora Probiotics  $10
Use:  $3 off Ultimate Flora Probiotics
Pay:  $7
Get:  $10 Register Rewards!
*like getting it FREE + making $3 after Register Rewards!

Remember, this deals doesn’t start until 4/21 – but you’ll want to print your coupons NOW, so you have them before they reach their print limits!

(Thanks so much, Breanna!)

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