Coupon Education: Buying, Creating & Organizing Your New Coupon Binder!

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Binder organization is CRUCIAL when you first start couponing.  Your system or method will most likely be altered once you get the hang of things, and that’s totally normal!   Setting up your binder when you’re a beginner, in a way that is familiar and easy to you, is something that will save you time and energy in the future.  You may use templates from other blogs, but we definitely want you to be comfortable with your set-up and be able to flip through with ease.  Take recommendations, but alter them to make more sense for YOU.
There are a ton of different methods for using a binder with coupons. Some choose to organize by inserts and dates – not having to cut out coupons until they are used. There are good and bad points to every method, so you’ll have to decide what if comfortable and feasible for YOU.
We choose to use dividers and baseball card holders. That’s the method we will help you with now!

We definitely suggest investing in a good binder.  This binder will last you through YEARS of couponing, so it needs to maintain its structure and strength!  Spending $15 – 20 on a good quality, sturdy binder with pockets or accessories you like is pretty normal.  You can, of course, find small, 1 inch plastic binders, but as you collect coupons, you’ll notice your space becomes limited QUICKLY. If you are an occasional couponer, a 2 inch binder will work fine for you. You can find some HERE.


At least a 3 inch, cloth binder like Mead or Case-It (these have plenty of pockets and storage for calculators, pens, extra coupons, coupon lists & more!)
This binder has 2 sides (1.5 inch rings on both) that come together

For the more occasional couponer, a smaller binder will work just fine for you.  We suggest a 1.5 inch at LEAST:

Mead Zipper Binder and Interior Expanding File, 1.5-Inch = $11.99

The “tabs” are your dividers.  This is how you organize your binder, and they will be flipped back and forth a LOT.  You’ll want strong, plastic dividers.  Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean they are good quality.  Decide to spend slightly more NOW, and not have to replace your dividers for YEARS! How many should you get?  Well, that depends on how you decide to separate the coupons in your binder.  2 sets of 8 (16 total) should work out just fine.

There are plenty of options HERE.

Now, you’ll need some holders for the actual coupons. Many couponers (like the 3 of us!) use multiple sizes. 4×6 photo holders are great for larger coupon, full page protectors are perfect for store policies and rebates, and baseball card holders are optimal for your coupons!
These need to be good quality, as well. You’ll be putting in and taking out coupons constantly, so if you get cheap baseball card holders, they will tear easily and won’t hold your coupons.

Spending  $30 – $40 to buy a binder and the fillings is pretty normal.  You want quality, long lasting items because this is an investment into your financial future!!  You’ll be more organized and better equipped to save that much every time you shop!  


Your Tabs:
When you think about how to set up your binder, and what your “categories” or “tabs” should be, pick the system that is the most logical to you.  If having tabs that coincide with the aisles in the grocery stores you frequent makes more sense to you, then that’s how you should set yours up!  If putting everything into groups (frozen, can, fresh, bathroom, personal care, etc) is easier for you to understand, then that’s how you’ll want to organize your binder.

The way you organize is always going to be personalized to you and what you buy.  For example, below is the “guts” of Binder Lady Jen’s binder.  This works for her and the things she purchases most often.  She uses all three of the above pictured page protectors throughout.  Use this as a reference for starting your binder!  If you are confused or need more help in organizing your own binder, feel free to email us, and we would be more than happy to work with you to get your binder ready to to battle in the grocery store!

Front of binder:
Page 1:  High value/rare coupons
Page 2: “BTGT” (Buy this, get this) coupons that are for more than one product, or
coupons that cannot be put in one section
Pages 3-6:  Full sheet page protectors labeled with store names.  Inside  – store coupons and coupon policies

Frozen:  all frozen foods, except pizza, ice cream, meat and sweets
Veggies:  fresh, frozen or canned vegetable coupons
Pizza:  all pizza coupons
Fresh:  all fresh foods, except vegetables
Dairy:  all dairy coupon, except ice cream & yogurt
Yogurt:  all yogurt coupons
Drinks:  all beverage coupons, except coffee & coffee creamer
Coffee:  all coffee related coupons
Canned:  all canned goods, except vegetables
Box/Cereal:  all boxed, pantry items & cereal
Bread/Baking:  all bread or baking related coupons
Sweets/Snacks:  all snack food and sweets coupons
Meat/Condiments:  all meat and condiment coupons
Makeup:  all makeup and skin care related coupons
Razors:  all razor related coupons
Dishes/Laundry:  all dishwashing and laundry related coupons
Soap/Shampoo: all bath and hair related coupons
*Special Section:  “Peter” (my husband) all men specific coupons
Paper:  toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates, etc.
Feminine:  all feminine care related items
Misc.:  miscellaneous section.  “Catch-all” for all other coupons that don’t fit
anywhere else
Meds:  medicine and health related coupons
Teeth/Deodorant:  all oral care and deodorant coupons
Cleaning:  all cleaning and household cleaner coupons
“Smelly Goods”: all home air freshener coupons

Become a Binder Lady (or Gent!) and keep your coupons organized and ready!

If you ever have any questions or need additional help, please do email us!

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