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365 Days Of Christmas – How To Spend Less To Get More With Christmas Shopping!

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365 Days of Christmas

Shopping for Christmas in the SUMMER?  The Binder Ladies MUST have had too much egg nog!  Nope – we’re just jolly all year round for great deals and awesome bargains when it comes to gifts!  

We prefer to spend our holiday season with our families, baking up delicious treats and cooking some amazing meals….not spending hours in the mall or online shopping for hundreds of dollars on last minute gifts, worrying if our packages will be delivered on time and fighting crowds for sales!  

Shopping for Christmas gifts doesn’t have to break your bank or clear out your wallet – and we’ll help you all year to save up and stock up! Giving gifts is one of our favorite traditions during the holidays, and we wouldn’t honestly be able to give as many gifts as we do, if it weren’t for shopping all year. Watch the blog for great gift ideas!

Some of you may be reading our posts and thinking, “Um, Binder Ladies, Christmas is so far away!”  We encourage you to shop like we do.  We have totes filled with gifts that we buy and collect the entire year at the best prices.  This way, when it comes time for celebrating the season, we can without hurting our wallets or rushing out for last minute gifts!  

Shopping all year round for gifts is the way to go!  We save a LOT of money and time by keeping our eyes out for special presents that we know we want to buy.  

We actually spend LESS buy buying throughout the year, than we would waiting until December to start shopping! 

Keep a box under your bed or a tote in the garage to store these early presents in, and watch it grow all year!  Freebies are great stocking stuffers, and when your favorite store offers free shipping or ship-to-store on clearance items that you know you’ll want to gift, why wait?  Better yet – we will post deals for you to cut down the time you spend searching!


Here are some other ways we save for Christmas all year long:

AMAZON – This is a GREAT site with often unbeatable and rock bottom prices on everything from electronics to bedding, toys to housewares! We post some great deals throughout the year for you, and always do a “price comparison,” so you know you’re getting the best price. There are times when companies will give out FREE Amazon gift cards, and we are sure to let you know about those when they come out.

A great way to save on shipping from Amazon is to join Amazon Prime.  You can get a FREE 30 day trial membership, and it’s worth it! Amazon Prime offers FREE 2 day shipping!  After your trial, you can buy a membership for $79 a year (not a bad price if you buy a lot from Amazon!) OR wait 13 months and get another free trial!  Join Amazon Prime HERE. If you’re unsure about Amazon Prime, check out the review that our friends at Ship2Blaine wrote about it, HERE!

Online Shopping & Exclusive Sites – Sites that offer free gifts or nearly free items are a gold mine for us!  Sneakpeeq often offers a freebie (scarf, bracelet, ring, charms, etc) for new members.  Sites like Copious and offer credits for signing up and when you use those credits, you can get items for free or nearly free!  

When your favorite stores have a coupon code AND free shipping – We will always let you know!  These are GREAT times to purchase gifts for your friends and family, then throw them in your Christmas Gift Box to stash away until Christmas.

You can score a FREE trial of  ShopRunner HERE – that’s FREE 2-day shipping from tons of great websites like ESPN, Claire’s, Toys R Us and so many more.

Nervous about buying online?  Rest assured all of the deals we post are from reputable websites that WE have purchased from, too!  There’s no reason to be scared about online shopping, and once you do, you’ll LOVE IT! Jen’s husband has a little “online mis-hap” that was resolved much quicker and easier than you may expect! Click HERE to read about it!

Stocking Stuffers – YES!  You can collect some great stocking stuffers all year!  Throw them in your “Christmas Gift Box” and you’ll be surprised how much you have when it’s time to start stuffing!  Bath and Body Works is a GREAT way to collect yummy smelling lotions and body washes, because several times a year, they come out with coupons that don’t require a purchase to get a travel sized item for FREE!  

You’ll see freebies in a whole new light once you start collecting gifts for Christmas all year round.  You may not be interested in a freebie we post, however, consider friends and family that may enjoy it.  When we stock up on items with our coupons, think about tossing a couple of those in your Christmas Gift Tote, too!  Last year, Jen spent ZERO dollars on stocking stuffers for both of her 20-something step-kids. Free nail polish at Rite Aid with a coupon? That goes in the Christmas Gift Tote!

Earn Rewards & Cash There are so many great ways to earn cash and rewards that you can save up for your Christmas shopping! These aren’t survey sites, they are simply companies that reward you for redeeming coupons and shopping like you normally would online OR in-store. We posted about these opportunities HERE. We strongly encourage you to sign up and start earning, because when you’re ready to start shopping for Christmas and holiday gifts, every penny counts!

After Christmas Clearance – One of our absolute favorite clearance sale times is right after Christmas! Get new decorations, wrapping paper, ornaments and more for dirt cheap immediately after Christmas, when stores need to rid themselves of the overstock from the holidays. This is when we grab what we can, and store away for next year. Watch for great deals at flea markets and yard sales during the Spring and Summer, too!

So, let’s deck the halls and raise the nog!  It’s Christmas 365 days a year for Binder Ladies and frugal shoppers!

Want to know when your package is going to arrive!?  Sign up for UPS MyChoice for FREE notifications, delivery control and more!  Stay tuned to the blog to know when this awesome freebie is offered again!


  1. Autumn, you ROCK! We definitely love suggest our readers check out your blog!!!! And you can ALWAYS shop with me, girl! 🙂

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