Guest Post: Amazon Prime – Is It Worth It?

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Have you considered signing up for Amazon Prime?  FREE 2-day shipping, Instant Video Access and more perks!  Is it worth the $79 a year?  Our good friends Shawn & Chandra over at Ship2Blaine (FREE U.S. shipping address for Canadians!) wrote up this AWESOME and detailed review of exactly what Amazon Prime is, how you can benefit from it and if you would actually USE it!  You can head over to their site to check out more!

On September 13th we decided to purchase a $79 Amazon Prime membership for ourselves. Since Amazon Prime offers Amazon Instant Video, we were planning to cancel Netflix…taking advantage of both the free 2-day shipping and Instant Video portions of the membership. We aren’t Kindle users, so  that didn’t impact our decision at all.

What we think of Amazon Instant Video.
After signing up, we immediately set up Instant Video on our Xbox 360. For as long as I can remember our 4 and 6 year olds have only watched programs on Netflix – on the iPad, iPod, iPhone or Xbox. For whatever reason, they figured out how to work these devices and Netflix instead of cable TV.

What we first noticed about Amazon Instant Video was that it wasn’t as kid-friendly. Sometime this Summer of 2012, Netflix upgraded and created a second “kid only” area called Just For Kids. The girls love it! There are tons of characters and shows. They would watch Netflix non-stop, if we let them.

In terms of content on Amazon Instant Video, it also seems to be a ways behindNetflix. I can’t recall the exact programs I compared, but many of the kids favorites just weren’t available on Amazon. I then checked the programs we watch and found the same thing. So, in terms of content, we feel Amazon Instant Video has a ways to go. So we ended up keeping our Netflix service.

What we think of Amazon’s free two-day shipping. Is it worth the membership?
So with Netflix winning over Amazon Instant Video, is the Amazon Prime Membership worth it on the value of the free two-day shipping alone? Since September 13th (so in 2 months) we have made 6 Amazon purchases.

  • 5 of the 6 were Amazon prime product purchases (a good sign, since the membership only applies to Amazon Prime products)
  • 3 were over the $25 free shipping, so would have received free shipping anyways (but we would have had to wait the usual 4-7 business days to receive our items)
  • 2 of the 6 were less than $25 and wouldn’t have qualified for free shipping

I’m not sure about you, but we used to always find enough items to tally up to $25 to get free shipping, so we’ll likely save at least $79 over the year by not buying stuff we didn’t need.

And all-in-all, with only 2 months of our membership period used and Christmas quickly approaching:

  • I’m 100% certain we’ll get $79 out of our Amazon Prime Membershipand 
  • I’m 95% sure we’ll renew our membership next September.

Plus…on the rare occasion when we max out simultaneous Netflix devices, we can fall back on Amazon Instant Video. In fact, that’s exactly what we did last night.

(Thanks SO much for this amazing review, Shawn & Chandra!)

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