Shopping On Amazon: The “Uh-Oh” Moment….

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Binder Lady Jen’s husband, Peter, is a savvy shopper, for sure.  One thing he is not – internet experienced!  He just started shopping online last year, and even that was a hand-held adventure!  Facebook?  He’s still working on that!  He has since gotten the hang of it (although he still “pecks” the keyboard as he types), but tonight, he noticed a major error and wanted to share it on the blog so that other shoppers that may be wary of buying online at Amazon will have some peace of mind!

“Well. I really did it this time!  I somehow ordered Amazon Prime – the FULL membership for $79 yesterday while ordering a Christmas present.  Jen has told me about the free trial, and I, instead of clicking on the trial, clicked on the full membership. I didn’t realize this until I checked my bank account today, and I saw that I had been charged for Amazon Prime!  OH NO!  Don’t tell Jen!  I scrambled to figure out how to fix this, wondering if I could even cancel the membership, or if it was too late.

I was seriously amazed at how easy it was to find the answers!  I clicked on my account, then Amazon Prime.  I saw that I could get a FULL REFUND if I hadn’t used it!  (Sigh of relief!)  After canceling my membership,  I hit the “Contact Us” button and saw that they had a chat window!  How easy!  I then asked the Amazon representative when I could expect my refund.  She was SO quick and SO helpful and even made me feel better for making such a silly mistake.  She told me that my funds should show up in my bank account within 2-3 days, but could be as early as tomorrow!  The matter was resolved within 5 minutes of finding out that I had made this huge purchase.  NOW I can tell my wife.

I wanted to share this little story with the readers that are apprehensive about shopping online or on Amazon, specifically.  This definitely won’t stop me from buying items from Amazon – in fact, I was SO impressed with the customer service and the professionalism of that representative, that I will definitely be purchasing more Christmas gifts this year from Amazon.  What a great experience (minus the freak out part)!  The representative even checked my current orders for me and verified that they were good to go and on their way soon!  All I had to do was give her my email address.  

I have already saved about $350 because of purchases made on Amazon.com, and even though I’m not very internet savvy….Amazon and its customer service make it so much easier and a really awesome experience!  By the way, I’m a proud Canadian and live in Vancouver.  Immigration will come later.  I LOVE taking advantage of the American online deals and shopping in their stores.  I can’t stress enough how much money we save on a daily basis by couponing and shopping online!  

Happy Shopping!
Peter (the online shopping rookie!)”

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