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Coupon Education: Why Signing Up For FREE Trials For Shipping Is NECESSARY Right Now!

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You’ve seen our posts that give you free shipping quite a bit, and sometimes you may be skeptical or even put-off by having to sign up for a free account, in order to GET the free shipping.  We understand this, but let us help you understand why signing up for these free trials is NECESSARY this time of year!  Don’t think you’d ever buy anything online?  Think again!  We find FREE deals that ship for free with Amazon Prime and Shoprunner, and you don’t want to miss out!  Christmas shopping is easier and BETTER when you get free shipping!

Amazon Prime and Shoprunner both offer a free 30-day trial for 2-day shipping.  They both have extra benefits that come with the trials.  They are both RISK FREE, too!  Simply set a reminder (we set alarms on our phones a few days before) to cancel your memberships, and both are EASY to cancel.  All 3 of us have used these memberships for the trials, and benefited immensely from them – then cancelled before being charged.  These have both been Binder Lady Tried and Tested!  This means, you don’t have to worry about hidden fees or loops you are required to jump through to cancel your memberships.

Now that the termination of these trials has been explained, you can feel safe in knowing that you can sign up for these accounts, and score some serious savings!  But why do we say you NEED these?  Here’s why:  online shopping has become more and more popular in the last several years.  Online stores are making it easier, more convenient and even offer CHEAPER prices when you buy online!  Returns are easy and hassle-free if you are unsatisfied with both Amazon Prime and Shoprunner, and any of the online deals we post.

You’ll score a BETTER deal online than you will in a store for the bargains we post!  Most of the time, you’ll get at LEAST 50% savings, because that’s what we aim for.  Paying for shipping increases the “out of pocket” prices for items online, and if you read our Beginner’s Page, you’ll see that we consider ANY money leaving our wallets as a part of the price.  Some blogs will post “FREE” when, in fact, you’ll be paying $6.95 or whatever for shipping.  To us, that product will cost us $6.95.  We avoid shipping at ALL cost.  If the item is seriously reduced and the added shipping STILL makes it a great deal, we will post that.  Getting FREE shipping is a GREAT benefit in shopping online!

Amazon’s free shipping is 2-day.  That means that in 2 business days, you can expect your package.  There are other benefits for signing up with Amazon Prime for 30-days, too!

*Instant & unlimited streaming of movies and TVs from your laptop, PC or tablet!
*Instant access to Kindle Books!
*No minimum order size!

Sign up HERE for Amazon Prime for 30-days, and enjoy all of these great benefits, including being able to checkout easily when we post a great deal!  To cancel, simply go to your account and you’ll see where to easily terminate your account.  If you decide to stay on with Amazon Prime, you’ll pay just $79 per year for ALL shipping.  That’s a GREAT deal as it is!  You can renew your Amazon Prime free 30-day trial after 90 days, too!

Shoprunner’s free shipping is also 2-day.  Select stores ship for free through Shoprunner, you can see some of them by clicking HERE.  They also offer a 30-day trial and it’s EASY to cancel your account by just clicking the “I don’t want to automatically renew my membership” button on your account page.
More benefits of Shoprunner:

*No minimum order size!
*FREE returns (you don’t pay for shipping!)
*Exclusive special offers just for having an account (including extra coupon codes you won’t find anywhere else!)
*When you invite a friend to join through your link, you earn $10!  That’s $10 for FREE!

Sign up for your FREE 30-day trial to Shoprunner HERE!

There really is no reason to NOT grab a 30-day trial to each of these sites.  This time of year, we REALLY try to stretch our budgets, and saving on shipping (plus the other benefits) can really aid in that.  Trust that this has been Binder Lady Tried & Tested and feel confident that you will never be charged!  We are pretty confident that you’ll be really thankful!

*Canadian friends – you can absolutely sign up for BOTH of these sites, and use your FREE U.S. shipping address!

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