Hugs, Kisses, Valentine’s Wishes Giveaway Hop: $15 Amazon Gift Card

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January seemed like it took FOREVER, didn’t it?  PHEW! It’s finally February – which means time will start moving a little more quickly now.  This is a fun month, because every store has red and pink hearts and glitter – all that mushy stuff is going on and it just puts me in a good mood!  Do you gift Valentine’s Day gifts?  

Here are some fun and unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas:

OR you could always bake up some lovin’! These Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies couldn’t be more fitting for the huggy, snuggly, lovey, dovey, moochie, poochie Valentine’s Day holiday, right?  Plus, they are SUPER easy to make – you could even get the kids to help out!


This giveaway hop is all thanks to our great friend, Mama the Fox – check out her fun blog!


Start by entering my giveaway below. Once you have entered this giveaway, scroll to the bottom of this post and start hopping to each of the blogs in our hop. You can enter as many of the giveaways as you would like.  That’s all it takes!

Have a great time hopping, and GOOD LUCK!

One lucky winner will score a $15 Amazon gift card!

Stop by to check out a few of my FAVORITE things this season! Whether you need a great gift idea for Valentine’s Day, or just enjoy seeing fun new products on the market  – check it out!

Now, hop on over to all of the other giveaways and start entering to win more great prizes!


MamatheFox and all participating blogs are not held responsible for sponsors who fail to fulfill their prize obligations.


  1. As crazy as it sounds, I love to run long distances. I love that it is such a stress reliever!

    • AuntySuzany Reply

      Something? I love visiting with friends and family. I love reading!

  2. Sandy Klocinski Reply

    I love the surprising, ever-changing uncertainty of life. I love animals (especially a specific Doberman trapped in a Chihuahua’s body!) I love nature itself

  3. I love my dog! She is such a sweetheart. For instance, I’ve been really sick today and it’s like she’s known it, curling up beside of me the entire day.

  4. I LOVE Dermot Kennedy, an Irish singer-songwriter. (Listening to his album right now!) I’m a longtime fan, and will finally be seeing him this March– I have tickets to two shows. 🙂

  5. Ashley Chassereau Parks Reply

    I love my family.. I’m very blessed to have a sweet hubby, 2 daughters, and one little boy!

  6. Ingrid Jackson Reply

    I love the smell of Spring and the love my family gives me.

  7. Penny Knowlton Reply

    Love pizza, coffee, chocolate, the beach, slot machines – no necessarily in that order.

  8. I love my family of course, and adore my grandchildren! I also love mint chocolate chip ice cream!

  9. April Morin Reply

    I love dogs. I know people say that, but I’d seriously rather be with a pack of dogs than a crowd of people. 🙂

  10. I love spring and all the pretty flowers in bloom. So ready…

  11. athena graeme Reply

    Flaming Hot Cheetoes! I LOVE them! Forget the flowers and candy … bring me the crunchies!!!!

  12. Kevin Linkie Reply

    I love gardening, huge passion for landscaping and creating ponds with goldfish and koi.

  13. I love my husband and family, I love chocolate, I love coffee.

  14. Ann Fantom Reply

    I love scrap booking. it keeps me busy and satisfies my creative side.

  15. I love sweet treats and having a hard time giving them up for the greater good.

  16. Barbara Long Reply

    I love spending time with my family, traveling and photography.

  17. I love being around my family and grand kids. I also love to take small trips exploring our state.

  18. Charity Cram Reply

    I LOVE my family! I don’t know what I’d do without them! Thank you for the chance to win!

  19. Melissa Storms Reply

    Besides the living beings, human and otherwise that I love, reading makes me so happy. I love getting all cozied up on the couch and spending an afternoon reading.

  20. I love my family of course and a good homemade cheese fondue dinner!

  21. I love my family the most! This will be our 46th Valentine’s Day as a married couple. Love Is Grand!

  22. Coffee! I love coffee! And so do the humans I love…because as long as mom is fully caffeinated they all get to live another day

  23. Laura Rubenstein Reply

    I love my daughter more than anything in the whole world

  24. April Roberts Reply

    I love every single small minute I get to myself here and there throughout the day.

  25. I love all six of my grandchildren. Three of them live away and I miss them terribly.

  26. Betty Badgett Reply

    I love to love – all the years of not forgiving, and once I did it was so freeing to forgive and love – So, I love to love!

  27. Lorena Keech Reply

    My husband, my pets, my friends, my job. I’ve got lots to be grateful for…

  28. Jennifer R Reply

    I love my husband, my pets, thrift stores, giveaways, wine, daisies, Mexican food, and reality tv shows.

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