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It’s SPRING SEASON!!!!  Although the world might be a little topsy-turvy right now, one thing isn’t changing, and that’s our seasons.  The snow is slowly melting, the sun is shining a little longer and earlier in the day, and the flowers are blooming. I love Spring, and absolutely cannot wait to get outside to really take it all in and enjoy it.  But for now, I’ll find ways to entertain myself indoors and occupy my time.  And if you know me – that means BAKING!

My latest creation is this super delicious coffee-lover’s treat – Caramel Macchiato Cookie Cups! These delicious little sugar cookie cups are filled with an amazing espresso mousse, surrounded by caramel drizzle and espresso chips. They are SUPER easy to make, too!  What a fun and delicious way to occupy some time in the kitchen 😉

Not a coffee fan?  How about some of these:

No matter what you bake up – HAVE FUN!


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  1. I am organizing things in the house and reading to relax

  2. I stay positive by spending time outside, gardening and trying not to watch the news too much.

  3. Jessica To Reply

    I have been trying to keep in contact with friends and family and reaching out to people I haven’t talked to in a while.

    • AuntySuzany Reply

      Trying to keep my mind off this!
      Thanks for sharing this giveaway with us!

    • Amanda Lipman Reply

      One way I have been able to stay positive and survive this is me and my BF pick days that are “date days”, since he is considered essential and sto) has to work, and we cuddle up and binge watch our newest show “The Good Doctor”, we talk, laugh, and do anything together that helps us reconnect with each other and disconnect from the outside world. He is so amazing and has this way of making me feel like I am the only girl in the world. 🙂

  4. I have been praying and keeping a positive attitude.. Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. Baked myself a birthday cake today…decided to make the best of it as I am still okay!
    Walking helps and turning OFF news.

  6. Nicole Martin Reply

    I’m just trying to stay with my normal routing. Exercise is also very important.

  7. I am reading positive affirmations and praying! I am also exercising every morning.

  8. wendy hutton Reply

    to stay positive I am avoiding all the posts on facebook about it

  9. Melissa Storms Reply

    I have been using much of my time to work on seed planting and readying my gardens for planting. It always, in the best of times, gives me an immense feeling of peace and hopefulness. I am finding it to be doubly so this year as I am looking forward to growing wonderful veggies and flowers.

  10. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and try not to pay attention to the news.

  11. Jennifer Hall Reply

    I am actually still working, and putting a smile on my face for customers!

  12. We are playing more family games! We are also planting our garden as a family!

  13. I’m trying to stay positive by taking my mind off of things. I’m making art and escaping reality a bit through movies and TV. Mostly, I am making sure I write down in a journal things I am grateful for each day.

  14. Molli Taylor Reply

    i feel like our lives have not changed much? we are always family centered and now we have more time together!

  15. beth shepherd Reply

    I am staying positive by enjoying this time with my kiddos and playing lots of games. Thank you

  16. Ann Fantom Reply

    I have been staying positive by talking frequently with friends and family.

  17. Margaret Smith Reply

    Watching lots of movies and catching up with family and friends via phone.

  18. I read and talk to my sisters. I also try to ignore a lot of the post on Facebook.

  19. Susan Christy Reply

    Trying to laugh as much as possible. Leslie Jordan on Instagram is hilarious!

  20. i kept talking with my bestie and family. The Tiger King helps too 🙂

  21. Hannah Chase Reply

    I’m just enjoying being able to sleep in and binge watch TV.

  22. Mya Murphy Reply

    I’ve been counseling people..depression and suicide is everywhere.

  23. Lauren Peterson Reply

    I’m just trying to cuddle with my dogs as much as possible. No matter how horrible some stuff is, my dogs make everything better.

  24. stacey mccrary Reply

    Right now our lives haven’t changed much because i still have 3 essential workers. Other than school being out we are still as normal as ever.

  25. I will be doing the same things I always do day in and day out.

  26. Wendy Jensen Reply

    What we are doing to stay positive is talking on the phone more with relatives and video calling with our Granddaughter.

  27. I have been doing pretty much the same as I always have.

  28. trying to stay upbeat for everyone been a rough time my brother in law and mother passed away in Jan and Feb now this been an awful 2020 for sure

  29. Sandy Klocinski Reply

    First of all, I am by nature a solitary person and retired so I don’t feel as if my life has changed that much. I still take fur baby to the park every day and I go to the grocery store once a week, which is my normal routine. My biggest way to stay positive is to not watch the news or seek it out on the internet. Listening to them repeat the same doom and gloom over and over ad nauseum just increases anxiety. I look on the net in the morning for news from the last 24 hours and read the headlines. If it looks as if they are telling me something new or different (something other than regurgitating how many people have died and or contracted the virus), I read the article. After that, I am done with the news for the day

  30. I’ve been allowed to work from home, so I’m feeling grateful that I still have a paycheck!

  31. Lisa Williams Reply

    I’m just keeping my head down and doing what I need to do,every day I’m going to visit a sister on hospice at a care center,they are being nice enough to let us be there for her after they take our temps and ask us some questions otherwise I would be in quarantine at home watching movies like every one else but I want to be there for my sister who’s been there for me all my life.

    • I have been texting and talking on the phone with my family.

  32. Spending lots of time playing with my toddler. The up side of being home is that its lots of time to bond with her 🙂

  33. I guess I feel fortunate, in that not much has changed for me…aside from the kids being home. We’re trying to figure out the whole “learning at home” thing. Seems like the household chores (cooking/meals/snacks and cleaning) have doubled. We haven’t left the house in three weeks. My bf is still working, and he does the shopping since he’s already out. But, really, it hasn’t been a “negative” experience. We seem to be getting through it! 🙂

  34. rita leonard Reply

    We watch comedies on TV and try to keep news to a minimum

  35. Darlene Carbajal Reply

    I’m just living life to it’s fullest, not worrying about anything.

  36. I check in on my elderly neighbor to make sure she has all she needs. It makes her feel cared for and it is good to put others ahead of yourself.

  37. Darlene Owen Reply

    We are staying home but keeping contact with our children and grandchildren as well as my friends from our senior center.

  38. Robin Abrams Reply

    I am spending a lot of time with my family . We are playing board games and cleaning the yard

  39. i’m staying positive by spending my time doing things I like: movies, netflix, reading and taking long walks.

  40. I broke my right foot and couldn’t walk or drive for 2 months, so I felt trapped at home. Once I was cleared to begin to walk again, this pandemic hit. Something that I do to feel uplifting is to focus on things that I can control right now, like eating healthy. I also exercise at home everyday.

  41. I’m getting a lot of cleaning out done and love working in the yard getting my yard ready for flowers

  42. I’m trading funny jokes and memes with my friends. And being thankful for grocery delivery.
    Thanks for the contest.

  43. I’ve been thankful for my toddler. He makes it hard to get too bogged down in worry when he’s smiling and giggling all the time

  44. I have been keeping myself busy by baking,reading and cleaning to stay positive and keep my mind somewhere else.

  45. Ginger Hafer Reply

    Remembering that although things seem dark now eventually the light will come again.

  46. I am going on lots of walks with my dog to try and stay positive and busy.

  47. Beth Minyard Reply

    It’s hard to stay positive right now, but I just keep thinking about how fun it will be to go do something when we finally can!

  48. Olivia Watson Reply

    i have been cleaning my room so that my conscience is clearer!

  49. Been working, since I was able to bring some work home, microscope and all. 🙂

  50. Karrie A Millheim Reply

    i am keeping busy by reading and spring cleaning

  51. Cathy Truman Reply

    I am still working and I am taking my dog Bailey for nice long walks.

  52. Dawn Monzu Reply

    Well, thankfully I have a great sense of humor! I’m making jokes when I can (and when appropriate) and talking to my granddaughters on Facetime & Messenger. God bless everyone and please stay healthy!

  53. I increased how much I walk outside and talk to family and friends on the phone.

  54. Annamarie V Reply

    I am trying to support local small businesses however I can, it helps to focus on helping others so you don’t think about the bad things going on.

  55. Susan Smith Reply

    I have been keeping busy reading watching movies, cleaning and chatting with my family.

  56. Barbara Montag Reply

    I am calling friends to check up and see how they are doing.

  57. My hip replacement surgery was postponed due to the virus, but I am trying to stay positive and remind myself that I will have an additional month to prepare for the surgery.

  58. stacey mccrary Reply

    I don’t watch the news, read posts about on facebook and clearly let everyone know not to tag me in everything related to it unless its positive news.

  59. Our biggest bright spot is when my son and daughter in law bring our 2 grandsons by. We stay in the garage and they stand on the driveway. Can’t wait until we can give them all hugs again!!!!!! Stay safe everyone!

  60. Michelle H. Reply

    I have been trying to keep my sense of humor. I pray a lot and I try to have fun with my very large family.

    • Sarah Oswald Reply

      I have been going through stuff in my house to downsize and drive hate to someone e who will get some use out of it.

  61. Not watching the news or checking on my phone for updates all the time

  62. Amber Kolb Reply

    I have been reading LOTS of books which has been great. It had been awhile since I was on a reading kick.

  63. Terry Cross Reply

    I stay positive by spending time outside or reading while inside

  64. Lauren Becker Reply

    I’m reaching out to friends and family as much as I can – I’m also reading and trying to be creative and focus on fun things.

  65. Anne Higgins Reply

    I have been pulling weeds, planting more in our garden, harvesting fresh vegis (yum), transferring flowers so others can see the bright colors to make them smile as they do me. I am reading more, praying more and getting more exercise.

  66. Ashley Chassereau Parks Reply

    We are staying busy and trying to keep on with our normal homeschooling and work (even though its from home) schedule. We’ve been able to fit in more home improvement projects though.

  67. I’m just loving having my two teen boys home with me. We are baking, going for walks and playing some games.

  68. What I’m doing to stay positive is getting out to walk everyday and baking, baking and more baking…lol

  69. Using my extra free time to spring clean the whole house. Learn new things and just relax.

  70. Alexandria Gonzalez Reply

    Enjoying a routine…Planning out my day so that I feel accomplished!

  71. Nancy Thompson Reply

    Trying not to listen to the news so much and cleaning up our flowerbeds.

  72. Cindy Merrill Reply

    Baking soothes the soul. I made a huge apple pie today- the apples were a bit mealy so I added dried cranberries to zing up the flavor-
    Lovely. My husband is eating some right now.

  73. The cookie cups look delicious! Baking is a fun thing to do to stay positive during these crazy times!

  74. Andrea Williams Reply

    We are just living from day to day and trying not to get caught up in all the news. Having a lot more family time with our older children since no work or school.

  75. Most of our family is getting together on the Houseparty app to play games & visit virtually with one another. We share a lot of laughs & that’s what’s getting us through to stay positive.

  76. I have been cleaning, reading, getting some sun outside. Routine and doing things that make me happy keeps me positive!

  77. Seyma Bennett Shabbir Reply

    I am helping a neighbor who is having a rough time during this period.

  78. We’re getting outside as much as possible: walking the dogs, picking blackberries, hiking.

  79. I have been getting outside in my backyard sprucing it up, getting patio cleaned up and garden beds ready to plant. Sunshine has made it easier during this tough time.

  80. Jeanna Massman Reply

    I have been on relying on TV, IPad, Prayers and Snacks (TIPS) Thanks for the giveaway.💕💋

  81. Shane Pittman Reply

    Knowing that we have learned to appreciate things more while this is going on

  82. been keeping busy helping my elderly parents, making sure they have enough supplies so they don’t have to go out

  83. Charity Cram Reply

    My faith gets me through times. I can’t really do much right now as it is. I am recovering from major surgery, and so I’m using this time to heal and binge watch tv shows. Thank you for the chance to win!

  84. I am learning how to cook! It has never been a passion of mine.

  85. Robyn Bellefleur Reply

    We are learning new skills. My husband taught himself how to make homemade bread with a sourdough starter and I have learned how to pressure can foods.

  86. Kayla Klontz Reply

    I’m staying busy, going on walks, playing with my kids, teaching them, doing lots of cooking and baking.

  87. Stephanie Larison Reply

    Watch funny videos with the kids and play games with them. They brighten any day.

  88. We’re doing good staying positive just by spending time together (me and my hubby), enjoying nature as the weather allows, praying, etc….. Thanks and God Bless!

  89. Lauren Hecker Reply

    I’m just trying to live life as normally as possible.

  90. Tabathia B Reply

    I have been reading and watching family movies with my kids

  91. Shirley Emitt Reply

    Enjoying schooling the kids, cooking with the kids and going outside, we live in the country, no near neighbors.

  92. Karen DeVaney Reply

    I’m enjoying having a more relaxed schedule, having time to go for a walk every day and appreciate the beautiful spring weather, and getting to spend unexpected time with my high school and college age kids.

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