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12 Oaks Desserts Unique Cake Pops & Desserts For the Win This Season!

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There’s something to be said about the self-taught baker.  She doesn’t have the luxury of a chef looking over her shoulder. She can’t compare her creations to professionally baked goods.  And her technical skills come from trial and error…and trial and error and trial and…. But that’s exactly what the gals behind 12 Oaks Desserts have done.  And in teaching themselves the art of baking, they threw in a dash of coveted family recipes with a pinch of modern design for some of the sweetest treats you’ll ever find!

Let’s talk about cake pops! These bite-sized sweets are a combination of cake crumbs and frosting, covered in a yummy  coating. So, naturally, the ladies at 12 Oaks Desserts take that up a notch and throw a little pizzazz at it! They don’t just bake a cake, smash it up with some frosting, and then dowse it in chocolate coating. They make cake pops and cake bites you’ll definitely adore and stare at for a while, before eating.  Plus, their flavors are out of this world:

The Scarlett
Nothing screams luxury like red velvet. This little cake pop is an ode to our favorite heroine, Scarlett O’Hara: sophistication and southern charm with a devious little twist!

Mint Chocolate Chip
When faced with a freezer full of ice cream choices, do you always go straight for Mint Chocolate Chip? Then this is the cake pop for you. It’s chocolate cake mixed with minty buttercream frosting, and of course the miniature chocolate chips.

Peanut Butter Cup
This cake bite is a luscious little sphere of deliciousness that satisfies like a cake, and delivers on the time-honored partnership of chocolate and peanut butter.

Vanilla Bean
The “Little Black Dress” of cake bites, Vanilla Bean is a classic that never goes out of style. Fluffy white cake with buttercream frosting, you can’t go wrong.

Chocolate Chip
Deep rich chocolate cake with luscious chocolate frosting…need we say more?

Vanilla cake with baked in sprinkles, this throwback is the ultimate in retro party desserts. Isn’t everything more fun with confetti?

Cookies ‘n Cream
Vanilla cake, smashed Oreos, and buttercream frosting – Cookies ‘n cream hits all the right spots.

If those flavors didn’t grab your attention (how can you pass up “The Scarlett”??), the designs will certainly tickle your fancy!  I mean, seriously.  Look at those!  From Ice Cream Cones to silly animals, and magic wands to Cake Gems, they have something to make everyone smile (and drool)!  You pick the flavors, and they’ll create them for you!  With some of them, you’ll even be able to choose the decoration or color! In fact, they are so fun and flexible, they offer custom orders, too!

I grabbed some of those Cake Gems.  First of all – holy moly, saint guacamole, these are BEAUTIFUL!  They really do look like gems, and the gold brushing with the gem-styled shapes give them a serious sophistication. I was so excited to try these, because they claim to have “the perfect ratio of cake and frosting.”  And they sure did.

They are absolutely delicious, with a burst of super creamy flavor from the moist cake wrapped in a beautifully sweet frosting cover.  Phew! I couldn’t stop with these, and was honestly blown away at how unique and different they are from other cake pops I’ve had. Somehow, even in the shipping process from California to Texas, my Cake Gems stayed super fresh and creamy. Mmmmm!

These would be an amazing stocking stuffer, or set out on your holiday party dessert table.  But you might also want to consider these gorgeous Cake Gems as hostess gifts, clients gifts or even as corporate gifts!  Honestly, these are so versatile and beautiful – who wouldn’t want them?

Oh, but these gals don’t stop at cake pops and cake bites. 12 Oaks Desserts also makes glamorous and classic cheesecakes, adorably fancy cupcakes, and exquisitely decorated cakes, too.  Do you SEE these?  They are 100% Instagrammable, and would blow your guests away if you served one of these for dessert! And that cheesecake recipe – it’s a serious family recipe secret. Those are the best kind!

Yep, there’s something to be said about self-taught bakers.  Taking classic, vintage, family heirloom recipes and giving them a modern twist… that’s definitely not something you can learn in any school! Did I mention that everything these ladies make is handmade?  From scratch?  12 Oaks Desserts would very obviously make amazing desserts for your holiday shindigs this season.  Yes, they have holiday-themed treats!  But my favorite – gift the people in your life something extra sweet this year!  Because maybe… just maybe, they will share it with you 🙂

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    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      The unicorns are definitely one of my favorites, as well!

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      I wonder the same thing! ALL of their items are so impressively gorgeous!

  1. Gervin Khan Reply

    Love these cake pops they are so cute and I am sure kids and adults like us will definitely enjoy eating this.

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      Absolutely! They are cute and tasty enough for kids, but elegant and upscale enough for adults!

  2. Oh wow! They are almost too pretty to eat. I really love the wintery ones. The snowmen are adorable.

  3. Annemarie LeBlanc Reply

    You just woke up the child in me! Oh my goodness. Those cake pops look so delicious. I was reading each and every description and I was drooling!

  4. Oh wow! These aren’t dessert, they’re works of art! They look too beautiful to eat But I still would, though…

  5. Their baked goods are the perfect mix of fun and flavorful! I think it’s so hard to eat their stuff though cause it’s so cute.

  6. Oh my goodness! This is all kind of cake pops! Seems so easy to make these!

  7. Eileen M Loya Reply

    These cake pops are so pretty. I would have a hard time biting into one.They would really make great gifts. I will have to check these out. So many to choose from, it would be difficult for me to make up my mind.

  8. Dana Rodriguez Reply

    Their desserts all look amazing. I love the floral cake they make!

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